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The week will fly by as we travel through time looking at the earliest flying machines, right up to modern-day rocket launches. We’ll cover it all. Become a junior aviator and discover the principals of flight and aerodynamics. Zip up your space suit for a planetary tour while we investigate the wonders of our very own Milky Way. As Mad Science Technicians, you will build sundials, Bead Dippers, parachutes and an incredible wind tunnel simulator. It will be a blast!

Mad Science

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Mad Science: Flight Academy

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Session 2B
Jul 2226, 2019
Harbourfront Centre is a registered charitable organization and financial assistance may be available through our Kids First program. Learn more under the Registration Info sections of our March Break and Summer Camps websites.

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OVERNIGHT: This program includes an overnight component.
SPECIAL GUEST: A special guest is brought in to work with campers.
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