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Photo: Courtesy of artist

By Divine Right
By Divine Right celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2015. In addition to the band’s own oeuvre, which charts a unique psychedelic-sludge-rock-infused path, the list of the extended family members that have spent time in the band is itself noteworthy. Past members include (Leslie) Feist, members of Broken Social Scene, Holy Fuck, Sheezer and many more, while fans of the band account for a large and influential swath of the CanRock landscape.

Divine @ 25: By Divine Right’s 25th Anniversary


By Divine Right performed their first live show in June 1990 and quickly rose through the ranks of the Canadian indie-rock landscape, influencing generations of musicians and providing a fertile breeding ground for other artists to make their own mark. Now, in their 25th year, the band continues to create essential Canadian music. By Divine Right's tenth album comes out this year, along with a solo album from mainstay Jose Contreras, and a film starring and soundtracked by Contreras. To celebrate their landmark anniversary, we pay tribute to the work and legacy of this iconic band with a star-studded cast of current and former band members and fans from across the Canadian indie-rock scene, representing an unprecedented gathering of Canada’s rock and roll royalty of today and tomorrow.

As part of our celebration of what it means to be Canadian, we honour the legacy of this iconic group, tracking its influence over the course of 25 years and into the future with a live event that brings the band’s story full circle.