Who we are

  • The Craft & Design Studio is a unique Canadian career-oriented program and facility. It is an artist-in-residency, incubator and training centre that uses a self-directed learning approach, which is open to post-graduates demonstrating a thorough and comprehensive understanding, conceptually as well as technically, in one of five areas: Textiles, Glass, Ceramics, Design or Jewellery.
  • We inspire people to engage with the ideas being expressed by today’s craft designers and artists.
  • We are the only residency of its kind in Canada to receive the generous support of Canadian Heritage through the Canada Arts Training Fund.

What we do

  • We play a significant role in the growth and promotion of craft and design as a creative discipline. We believe that contemporary craft artists and designers are an important and underrepresented voice in the Canadian cultural dialogue. We advocate for collaboration between craft, design, and art, and blur the boundaries between disciplines. Craft & Design at Harbourfront Centre is the only program in Canada to offer an artist residency in contemporary craft and design with a strong professional development focus, shaping and informing the field through debate, discourse, and exhibitions.
  • Provide an unparalleled opportunity for people to witness, understand and experience work being created.
  • Commit to artists and designers through generous subsidy and deliver access to beneficial resources and conditions.

What we achieve

  • Our vision is to cultivate excellence. We enable many of the brightest talents to emerge fully as independent artists and designers who contribute to the cultural and economic fabric of their communities. Once finished their residency, many artists and designers organize into small collectives with similar goals and philosophies adopted from the experiences Harbourfront Centre provides.
  • Are recognized as a definitive voice in contemporary craft and design in Canada.
  • Have craft designers and artists aspire to the Harbourfront Centre experience and see it as the essential element in their artistic development.