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Annie Segarra

Deaf and Disability Futures features roundtable discussions and keynote presentations dedicated to thinking about Deaf and Disability Arts culture in relation to digital transformation, representation, leadership and Indigenous resistance, racial justice and colonialism. 

Presentation 1: FUTURE
This panel explores Deafhood, madness and disability within the framework of digital transformation, cultural futurisms and Disability Arts culture. Artists speak to their own knowledge of the ways that the digital world is impacting aesthetics, representation, activism and artistic and social practice. The panel also seeks to respond to Canada’s new cultural policy, as well as Canada Council for the Art’s urgings to develop digital strategies that support the arts now and into the future.

With Taeyoon Choi, Aaron Labbé, Syrus Marcus Ware, Annie Segarra and Elizabeth Sweeney.

Presentation 2: LEADERSHIP
This panel takes up key questions in relation to leadership models in our sector. For too long, non-disabled people have represented and been regarded as voices of authority in the Deaf and Disability Arts sector. In response to this ableist, audist, sanist, and paternalistic dynamic, there has been a necessary push for our sector to be led by disabled, Mad, and Deaf people. This roundtable responds to growing sectoral conversations about leadership models that foster disability, Mad, and Deaf leadership and accounts for who in our community is excluded by this configuration of leadership.

With Catherine Bourgeois, Sage Willow, Becky Gold, Michael Nimbley and Sean Lee.

Presentation 3: REPRESENTATION
Artists and arts & culture critics discuss their experiences of how arts and culture reviews and writing can contribute to the cultivation of Deaf, disability and Mad art. We have invited these panellists with the aim of increasing the rigor and cultural competency of critical Deaf and Disability Arts journalism. Topics discussed may include how arts reviewers and cultural critics write about histories of Deaf and Disability Arts, emergent De'via (Deaf aesthetics) and disability aesthetics, and accessible curatorial practices. The shifting form arts reviews take and the relationship between journalism and culture more broadly will also be discussed.

With Kirsty Johnston, Shay Erlich, Michael Orsini, Leah Sandals, Dr. Chelsea Temple Jones, Nadine Changfoot, Peter Owusu-Ansah and Sarah Jama.

Qwo-Li Driskill  of Corvallis, Oregon, a (non-citizen) Cherokee artist and activist, will present on their work and engage in dialogue with local Indigenous and Black artists.

With Dr. Qwo-Li Driskill, Elwood Jimmy, Loren O. Delaney, and Dr. Dolleen Tisawii’ashii Manning.

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Deaf and Disability Futures

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Doors open, coffee break

Elder’s Welcome with Mona Stonefish (Bear Clan) and welcome remarks

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Presentation 1: FUTURE


Presentation 2: LEADERSHIP

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Presentation 3: REPRESENTATION

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Elder’s Closing with Mona Stonefish (Bear Clan)

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