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   Brian Medina, 2018

An ofrenda is an altar that honours a person's life after they have passed. Filled with colourful objects and photos that represent who they were, the altar is a visible way to show that the dead are still with us through their love, teachings, and memories, even after they are gone.

Our focus this year is to present an evolution of the ofrenda, from traditional alters created by community members and organizations, to unique contemporary visions by local and international Mexican artists.

The result will be an exhibition of installations that respects the significance of the ofrenda tradition and explores the many forms that tradition can take while maintaining its purpose of honouring life and death.


Brian Medina  ▸

Jade Leyva  ▸

Erick García Gómez  ▸


EXATEC Ontario  ▸


Ballet Folklórico Puro México  ▸

María José Miranda  ▸

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