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This year’s edition of the Festival of Cool looks a bit closer to home and showcases artists from Northern Ontario.

When you find out that Ontario is approximately a third the size of India or three times the size of Germany, it puts our province into perspective and hints at just how much there is to discover!

January 15–February 7, 2021

A person standing under a series of illuminated metallic arches lit with multi-coloured lights
Photo courtesy of Martine Doyon


South Exhibition Common

Iceberg is a playful, immersive work made up of a series of illuminated metallic arches that tell the story of an iceberg. Visitors “warm up” the ice monuments to create a visual and auditory symphony.

Creation and execution: ATOMIC3 and APPAREIL
Architecture in collaboration with Jean-Sébastien Côté and Philippe Jean
A production of the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership, created for the 3rd edition of Luminothérapie, Montreal, 2012.

Visual Arts



A headshot of Classic Roots
Photo courtesy of Jordan Laboucane

Sonic Runway

The Boardwalk

The Sonic Runway is a light-art installation that converts audio signals into patterns of light, shooting down a corridor of LED-lined arches more than 100-metres long at the speed of sound.

Creators: Rob Jensen, Warren Trezevant
Tour producer: Creos
Music: Classic Roots

Visual Arts



Jean E. Pendziwol, wearning no coat and no boots, standing on a partially snow covered rock next to a lake
Photo courtesy of Jean E. Pendziwol

Northern Ontario Diaries
An auditory travel experience

Ontario Square

Northern Ontario Diaries travels into the life and history of Northern Ontario, with 10 stories by 10 personalities from the region, told across the Harbourfront Centre site on speakers or activated by QR codes.

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