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David Kibuuka

In 1983, David Kibuuka immigrated to Canada to finish his studies at the Ontario College of Art and Design.

Over the past 20 years, David has owned and operated art galleries in Toronto and Los Angeles. His loyal clientele consists of collectors from the business, sports and entertainment communities. As well, David’s humanitarian efforts have supported a world wide fundraising effort by Unicef from the years of 1990-1993. David’s images decorated four greeting art cards which were sold world wide to benefit Unicef.

In 2005, collaboration between World Vision Canada, Artistic Canada and David was formed to produce posters using David's images for the purpose of raising money to benefit "Hope initiative" which provides prevention, care and advocacy programs for children and those affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa and in 2007 David founded to directly fundraise for orphan children in Uganda (East Africa).

His online store at gives David the time to follow his passion which is teaching Modern Batik Art Technique to empower the next generation of artistic youth ( His workshops have been held in the USA, Canada, Africa, Europe, and in several Caribbean countries. .

David Kibuuka: An African Modernist


David Kibuuka's work is a depiction of the elemental forms of a typical African society, a style whose influence is felt in most of his paintings. The series on display represent social structures and concepts that complete a cycle; birth, celebrations, work, death, rituals and rebirth. The choice of media, colour and complexity of work is different in each painting, a reflection of the myriad of cultures and customs of Africa. He is credited with creating the technique of fragmentation, a unique method of painting vivid images through a mosaic of colour and form.

David Kibuuka art and prints is diverse, as is his use of the various media, including mixed media, acrylics, oils, pen and ink, water colour and pencil drawing. Kibuuka puts his heart and soul into every piece of work that he produces and this love is immediately visible to the viewer. One cannot help but be moved by his inspirational interpretations of life.

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