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Kelsey Carriere
With simple tools and great craft, Kelsey Carriere has built a history of helping people bring images from the wildest recesses of the imagination into full animation. As co-founder and animator behind Toronto's P.S. Kensington, the decade-old Pedestrian Sundays tradition of community celebration and street reclaiming, she worked with the community to build costumes, banners, stages, giant puppets, film tents, and invented the tradition of the yet-to-be-patented Giant Pinata engaging kids in cooperation, not violence. Kelsey takes great pride in helping youth discover their fantastical inner selves and celebrating them through spectacle and costume made of found materials and a handful of armature tricks. Over the years she has worked on projects with Look Up Theatre, Red Pepper Spectacle Arts, Sheater, and many activist organizations.

The HumANIMAL Transformation Station


They say to never go on stage with children or animals, well look out, here come both! Kids will enter as themselves and leave as their fantastical creature of choice ready to bring some wild ruckus back to the circus. Prepare for a spectacular face paint and help build the elements of your own transformation.