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Erin Ball
Erin Ball is a circus artist and coach based in Kingston, Ontario and is a co-owner of Kingston Circus Arts. Her disciplines include aerial silks, static trapeze, aerial hoop, partner acrobatics, flexibility and hooping. Erin discovered circus through yoga and hooping (and an inspirational busker’s festival) in 2007. She recently took 11 months off due to life changing events that resulted in the loss of her lower legs. She has returned to her passion of training, coaching and performing with the added creativity of executing skills in new or different ways. She performs and teaches regularly in Kingston and the surrounding areas.

Karen Raddon
Karen Raddon has been a student of Erin Ball and other teachers in the circus arts for the past three years. Starting with her love of hoop dance Karen continues to explore the possibilities of movement on silks, aerial hoop, trapeze and partner acrobatics. As a registered massage therapist Karen is fascinated by the capacities of the body to heal and adapt through movement. Through the creative employment of movement outside of our usual patterns and limitations, circus arts opens up a beautiful and joyful arena of possibility for our capacities of movement and imagination.

Hula Hoop Practice


Do you want to learn how to keep a hoop going around your waist? Or do you want to learn other ways to keep a hoop spinning? Come to the hooping tent and learn how to keep a hoop going on your waist, hands, neck, feet, and so much more! Stay for a while and learn how to connect skills.