May 18–20, 2019

Les moutons



Saturday, May 18 / 3pm–3:30pm / 5:30–6pm
Sunday, May 19 / 3pm–3:30pm / 5:30–6pm
Monday, May 20 / 3pm–3:30pm / 5:30–6pm

North Orchard

Make-believe meets reality in this unique live-performance installation that recreates a country scene in an urban setting. Travel to a strange, poetic and baffling universe that takes you through a carefully studied overview of sheep behaviour. Les moutons has mesmerized audiences all over the world.

30 minutes

May 18–20, 2019


Ingri Fiksdal


Saturday, May 18 / 1:15pm–3pm
Sunday, May 19 / 1:15pm–3pm
Monday, May 20 / 1:15pm–3pm


This installation-performance is a meditation in movement, reflecting on the passing of time. Open yourself up to this beautiful and mesmerizing experience set against Lake Ontario.

105 minutes


May 19, 2019

Anyone Can Dance Demos: Bollywood

Broken Dance Inc.


Sunday, May 19 / 4:30pm–5:30pm

Stage in the Round

Come experience the beauty of Bollywood Dance and learn this fun and energetic dance style just like a Bollywood movie star! Taught by the acclaimed Canada’s Got Talent Finalists, Broken Dance!

60 minutes

May 18, 2019

Anyone Can Dance Demos: Capoeira

Grupo Capoeira Malês


Saturday, May 18 / 4:30pm–5:30pm

Stage in the Round

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and music. Students and performers of all ages will demonstrate a typical capoeira roda, and then will invite interested audience members to join us in a mini introductory workshop.

60 minutes


May 20, 2019

Anyone Can Dance Demos: Gumboot

HOZA! Creative Mediation


Monday, May 20 / 4:30pm–5:30pm

Stage in the Round

Gumboot dancing is a testament to the triumph of the human spirit over enormous hardship and adversity. South African Gumboot Dance originates from the gold mines in Johannesburg during apartheid. It has influenced contemporary dance forms such as stepping and hip hop. Learn gumboot dance vocabulary and work together to make spectacular body-beats.

60 minutes

May 18–20, 2019

How It Feels To Be Me

Bust a Move Dance


Saturday, May 18 / 4pm–5:15pm
Sunday, May 19 / 4pm–5:15pm
Monday, May 20 / 4pm–5:15pm

Lakeside Terrace

Recently landed from Australia, Bust a Move Dance is a leading dance company for children, teens and young adults with disabilities. BAMD is passionate about dance as a powerful vehicle to unleash our spirit and encourage independence, confidence, resilience and empowerment, whatever our ability.

Pre-registration is recommended. Registrants are encouraged to sign in at least 10 minutes prior to the event start time. At that time, any unclaimed reservations will be made available on a first-come, first-served basis.

75 minutes


May 20, 2019

Junior Concert Series – Everything is Copasetic: A Tap Celebration

Toffan Rhythm Projects


Monday, May 20 / 11:30am–12:30pm

Concert Stage

To celebrate tap legend Bill “Bojangles” Robinson’s birthday, Toffan Rhythm Projects gathers local youth dancers to perform alongside Toronto’s finest professional tap dancers and musicians. Share in their unique perspectives in rhythm, traditional tap repertoire, and dig into the richly diverse and multi-generational vibrancy in tap today.

60 minutes