Dance Come experience a variety of dance performances at Junior, from an underwater world to a participatory piece!

Kounfetaga (Wandering)

Compagnie Tamadia

Burkina Faso

Ages 12+

May 16 / 4:30pm
May 17 / 4:30pm
May 18 / 4:30pm

Studio Theatre30 minutes

Kounfetaga means wandering in the Bambara, Dioula and Mandinka languages. Based on a simple question, What is the worst thing that ever happened to you?, the choreographer draws on his personal experience of grief – the passing of his child – and embodies it in a choreographic piece.

Kounfetaga is a choreographed reflection on the human spirit and the strength it takes to get through the hardest moments in our lives.

Performance advisory: Subject matter includes grief.

Limited capacity – registration recommended.

Aguibou Bougobali Sanou

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Rock Bottom Movement


All Ages

May 16 / 11:30am / 2:30pm
May 17 / 11:30am / 2:30pm
May 18 / 11:30am / 2:30pm

Natrel Pond30 minutes

In a contemporary dance-romp through a faux-spiritual aquatic Neverland, the characters hilariously attempt to find themselves through dream ballet, cold-pressed juices and romantic scandal.

“Dolphin protect me. Dolphin guide me. I don’t need to be saved. I need to be found.”

Cast & Credits

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what remains

Theatre Direct


Ages 8+

May 16 / 3pm
May 17 / 3pm
May 18 / 3pm

Lakeside Terrace60 minutes

what remains is a fun, participatory performance that uses movement, sound, personal histories and sidewalk chalk to explore the interconnectedness between performers and audiences.

Inside a microcosm of community, three performers join forces with an audience to ask the questions:

Who is here?
What are we together?
How can we show this?

Immerse yourself in a unique collective experience where no two shows are alike.

Limited capacity – registration recommended.

Cast & Credits

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All ages

May 16 / 12:30pm / 2pm / 6:30pm
May 17 / 12:30pm / 2pm / 3:30pm
May 18 / 12:30pm / 2pm / 3:30pm

Site Wide30 minutes

Like boats drifting aimlessly at sea, these stilt walkers plot random courses, but always against the flow. They roam among the crowds of onlookers in a maritime world of their own. ÖHÉ is a journey into a singular world where impromptu events are commonplace!

Cast & Credits

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Anyone Can Dance Demo SeriesBack by popular demand!  Watch fabulous performances and then join in and learn new moves in Bollywood, Japanese Yosakoi and contemporary Indigenous styles of dance!

Anyone Can Dance Demo Series: Japanese Yosakoi

Sakuramai Toronto


All ages

May 16 / 4:30pm

Stage in the Round60 minutes

Be prepared to have some fun during this energetic Japanese Yosakoi-style dance performance and workshop demo presented by Sakuramai Toronto. Feel the energy as you watch, take part and come together.

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Anyone Can Dance Demo Series: First Fire

Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre


All ages

May 18 / 4:30pm

Stage in the Round60 minutes

Join us for an exciting dance demo as the First Fire Dance team proudly showcases Indigenous identities through contemporary and hoop dancing. Join this amazing team of young, emerging dancers as they demonstrate their holistic approach to dance, focused on all components of the Medicine Wheel to help foster healthy lifestyle choices and confidence in everyday life.

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Anyone Can Dance Demo Series: Bollywood

Broken Dance Performing Arts


All ages

May 17 / 4:30pm

Stage in the Round60 minutes

After their resounding success last year, Broken Dance is back at Junior this year with their infectious Bollywood-style dance demo. Join in the fun of watching and learning a few moves from this company that fuses South Asian and Western styles—and that was a finalist on Canada’s Got Talent.

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