May 18–20, 2018

Kids Can Save The Planet Documentary Series

Dylan D’Haeze / Rock Island Media

United States

Saturday, May 18 / 2pm / 3pm / 4pm / 5pm
Sunday, May 19 / 2pm / 3pm / 4pm / 5pm
Monday, May 20 / 2pm / 3pm / 4pm / 5pm

Studio Theatre

At age 13, Dylan D’Haeze had a simple question: What happens when we throw plastic away? The more he learned, the more he realized how big the problem is – and the more it scared him. But rather than be afraid, Dylan decided to do something about it. That was the beginning of the Kids Can Save The Planet documentary series. Learn all about issues that face our planet from a kid’s perspective.

Featured films: Plastic is Forever (20 min.) and Everything Connects (35 min.).

60 minutes