Film Love is a Revolutionary Act
These selected works aim to allow young minds a moment to process how we channel love into our lives, personally, socially, politically, humanly and creatively.

Curated by Charles Officer

Invisible Essence: The Little Prince

Directed by Charles Officer

Canada, 2018 / Documentary

Ages 9+

May 16 / 11am
May 17 / 11am
May 18 / 11am

Studio Theatre45 min

Working imaginatively with the famous line “what is essential is invisible to the eye,” we explore the global legacy of The Little Prince 75 years after its publication. The film introduces a modern day Little Prince – a seven-year-old blind Pakistani-Canadian boy who absorbs the book for the first time – while interweaving the author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s extraordinary biography with fascinating discussions that grapple with the meanings of this transcendent story.

Presented in English

Nancy’s Workshop

Directed by Aïcha Diop

Canada, 2019 / Documentary

Ages 8+

May 16 / 12pm
May 17 / 12pm
May 18 / 12pm

Studio Theatre20 min

One Sunday a month, natural hair specialist Nancy Falaise closes the doors of her Montreal salon to lead a private workshop for young girls of colour struggling to love their natural hair. Step-by-step, she teaches them how to wash, detangle, style and care for their respective hair textures, while also creating a safe space for them to bond over their shared experiences and forge meaningful friendships.

Nancy’s Workshop is an intimate and immersive exploration of this journey. It offers a vivid, almost tactile experience of manipulating various curl patterns and textures through the use of extreme close-ups and macro cinematography.

Presented in English

Ninth Floor

Directed by Mina Shum

Canada, 2015 / Documentary

Ages 13+

May 16 / 12:30pm
May 17 / 12:30pm
May 18 / 12:30pm

Studio Theatre81 min

Director Mina Shum makes her foray into feature documentary by reopening the file on a watershed moment in Canadian race relations – the infamous Sir George Williams Riot. Over four decades after a group of Caribbean students accused their professor of racism, triggering an explosive student uprising, Shum locates the protagonists and listens as they set the record straight, trying to make peace with the past.

Presented in English