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Through That Which Is Scene

Joi T. Arcand


All ages

May 16 / 11am–6pm
May 17 / 11am–6pm
May 18 / 11am–5pm
May 20 / 10am–2pm
May 21 / 10am–2pm
May 22 / 10am–2pm

Marilyn Brewer Community SpaceAll day

Through That Which Is Scene is a series of ViewMaster reels, prints and diorama installations constructed from miniature cardboard cutouts and found objects by Harbourfront Centre’s Artist-In-Residence Joi T. Arcand. The artist mines her family’s photographic archive to reconstruct memories that explore identity, family history and place through the lens of nostalgia and popular culture.

Through That Which Is Scene anihi ViewMaster masinipayihowinisa, masinipayihowina, ēkwa osihcikēwinisa ē-osihtāt ōhci ē-manisahk ōhci kā-maskwāk masinahikanēkin ēkwa kīkwaya kā-miskahk awa Harbourfront Centre’s Visual Artist-In-Residence, Joi T. Arcand. pēyakwan tāpiskōc kayās kīkwaya māna kā-wapahtamihk ōhi kā-pihtikwēhk, otācimowin wiya ēkwa wītisāna ēkwa owahkōmākana otācimowiniwāwa, pihtikwēpitēwa ōhi kā-kanawāpahtahkik ēkwa namōya tāpiskōc pīkiskwēwak ē-mōsci-kanawāpahtahkik otatoskēwin.

Creative Response with Harbourfront Centre School Visits

Inspired by the work of Joi T. Arcand, artists of all ages can make their very own diorama – a minuture model of a space they do (or wish) they called home. Leave your diorama behind and see our community grow over the week, or talk your mini-home with you!

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About Joi T. Arcand

Home/Made Exhibition

Power Youth at The Power Plant


Ages 7+

May 16 / 11am–6pm
May 17 / 11am–6pm
May 18 / 11am–5pm

Garage BaysAll day

Home/Made celebrates the sixth year of Power Youth, an outreach program in four priority neighbourhoods in Toronto, organized by The Power Plant. In Fall 2019 and Winter 2020, youth worked with Artists-in-Residence in a broad range of media including photography, painting, music, poetry, spoken word, Lego art and more!

Presented in English

Supported by
The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery