May 18–20, 2019

Woogie Boogie

BRUSH Theatre

Republic of Korea

North American Premiere

When finding your turtle is the only thing on the agenda, the ocean is just a state of mind.

Woogie and his friend Boogie embark a magical sea expedition when their trouble-making pet turtle drifts into the open water. Using a whiteboard and markers to create the mysterious creatures they encounter in their watery world, the two adventurers draw and erase their expedition as it unfolds, taking shape right before your eyes.

Live music and sound effects, stunning animation and a boatload of imagination bring this production to life.

Advisory: 1-2 second use of electronic cigarettes on stage – no toxic substances


Artistic Director and Performer: Kiljun Lee
Director, Performer: Youngkyun Yeom
Performer: Seungeun Lee
Musician: Eunjae Sohn
Video Operator: Jawoong Kim
Composer: JinSuk Hahm
Company Manager: Chloe Wheeyeon Kim

* Relaxed Performances are designed to welcome audience members who benefit from a more relaxed sensory experience and environment, including those with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. They’re also a good way to experience the theatre for the first time! These shows are for everyone, many people choose to attend because they prefer a more inclusive environment at the theatre.

What can you expect? Junior’s relaxed performances will have a more casual approach to noise and movement inside the theatre, the house lights will stay on at a lower level, and the intensity of the performance’s sound, light, or other effects will be reduced.