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This discussion delves into the complexities and the importance of Black parents teaching their children about love, even when they may be struggling with loving others and themselves. Topics of conversation include complexities and fluidities in parenting in Black communities, as well as relationships between biological parents and their biological children, as well as a mother or father of a house parenting the chosen family/children within their houses (such as in ballroom culture).

With Ed Gough Jr., David Miller, Troy Crossfield and Roger Dundas. Moderated by Andray Domise.

Co-curated by Brandon Hay (Black Daddies Club/Toronto), Twysted Miyake Mugler (Toronto), Michael Roberson Maasai Maison-Margiela (NYC).

Part of Journey to Black Liberation Symposium.

Ed Gough Jr. is the Program Coordinator for the Young and Potential Father’s Initiative at Ujima House. Ujima House is Canada’s only father focused parenting centre located in the west end of Toronto and the hub of the organization’s Ujima Village Engagement Framework. For the last ten years, Ed has the host and producer of the award winning The Dr. Vibe Show™.

Baltimore native David Miller is founder of the Dare to Be King Project, a unique initiative challenging contemporary narratives about Black manhood and masculinity. He has written several children’s books and also created a coloring book, They Look like Me, and authored Lessons I Learned from My Father, a collection of essays and quotes celebrating Black fathers in America.

Andray Domise is a contributing editor at Maclean’s magazine, and a regular contributor to The Globe and Mail, as well as VICE Canada. In addition to his duties as principal of Konvo Media Group, he is an engaged father of twin girls, and an unabashed fantasy and sci-fi geek.

What are Black Fathers Teaching Their Sons About Love?


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