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Photo: Quil Lemons

In honor of Black History Month, this thoughtful photography exhibit explores the many forms of love found within our black communities through reflections of self, identity and acceptance. Power within vulnerability and healing can only come through togetherness and conversation. This is a true celebration of exemplified strength in people with deep roots and heritage.

Curated by Ashley McKenzie-Barnes.

Quil Lemons (NYC)
Sean Brown
Stella Fakiyesi
Jah Grey
Yannick Anton

Scarborough-born Ashley McKenzie-Barnes is a full-time Creative Director, independent Curator and part-time Academic Professor at Humber College, with over a decade of integrated experience in the advertising, entertainment, corporate, and non-profit sectors. Just announced as one of the 2019 curators for Nuit Blanche Toronto, her work has included programmed exhibitions, creative collaborations and installations for companies such as Samsung, Manifesto Festival and Artscape. | Instagram | Twitter

Quil Lemons is a 21-year-old African-American photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. He is known as “GLITTERBOY” because of his eponymous photo series in which he dusted young black men in glitter to combat the mainstream media’s stereotypes and misconceptions around their identities, and the black community’s policing of black masculinity. Quil constantly challenges what is acceptable in all facets as his art showcases and celebrates the African-American form, allowing it to be liberated.
Instagram | Twitter

Sean Brown is a multidisciplinary creative focused on photography and multi-dimensional design. His works often recite themes surrounding accidental meaning: finding context through process, research and exploration. In 2013, Sean founded NEEDS&WANTS, a Toronto-based sportswear label that later launched a biannual publication. He then partnered with Keavan Yazdani as creative directors for independent artist Daniel Caesar. Their collaboration on “Freudian, a Visual” won them the Audience Award at the 2018 Prism Prize Awards and a nomination at the 2018 Juno Awards for Album Artwork of the Year. | Instagram | Twitter

Stella Fakiyesi is a Nigeria-born photo-based visual artist whose work focuses on social and cultural commentary. She is driven to shed a light on the various facets of the black experience through her perspective as an African woman raised in Toronto, Canada. Her work has appeared in a range of national and international exhibitions and publications including at the Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt in Berlin and the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. Fakiyesi also founded SOF Art House, a gallery and co-work space for photographers in Toronto. | Instagram | Twitter

Jah Grey is a self-taught photographic artist primarily focused on portraiture, who began his career in 2014. His photographs focus on the relationships between body and space, showcasing the struggle between the idealized norm and the desired embodiment. Jah Grey’s photographs have been shown in Los Angeles and across Ontario, including in the AGO. | Instagram

Yannick Anton is a photographer and cinematographer who has risen to prominence through his intimate and eclectic photography style. His private work primarily focuses on family/lineage, immigration, queer people of colour and the diversification and de-colonization of cultural events. Yannick has been featured in NOW Magazine and The Fader, profiled on CBC and has starred in several culturally-challenging gallery tours, and has just finished a series of high profile local and international photography campaigns. He is planning short films and the completion of his three-part visual book series. | Instagram

Reflections of Love

Admission: Free