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Black Girl in Love (with herself): Speaking the Unspeakable Tings

Speak the unspeakable tings. Black Girl in Love. Finally, someone is going to talk about it!

An uncensored night of true sisterhood and support as we tackle the “taboo” topics of miscarriage, infertility, fibroids and of course, black women and therapy. We will also delve right in and ask the forbidden questions around motherhood, such as “Do you regret having kids? Are you a good mom? And what do you do when the one glass of wine isn't enough to deal with your life?” We will have a resourceful, fun, engaging expert panelist and real moms sharing their lives.

The night promises to have you exhaling, laughing and begging for more.


Trey Anthony  ▸

Lisa Michelle  ▸

Alicia Richardson  ▸

Dr. Dixon  ▸

Tickets: $45 / $35

This is a 19+ licensed event

Doors: 7pm
Show: 8pm