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   Photo: Tim Salaz
T.W.O.S: The Welcoming of Synergies

Headlined by Jon Boogz and Lil Buck of Movement Art Is (MAI), the evening will showcase local Toronto artists Travis Knights, Jade’s Hip Hop Academy, Dwayne & Egypt Morgan and Go Left Creatives, and end with a presentation of ISMS by MAI, marking their debut stage performance in Canada.

"Isms" are internal and external constructs we experience from the immediate world around us. Often a reflection of our own prejudices, personal insecurities, and emotional scars, "Isms" can subconsciously inform our daily interactions. However, the most drastic "Isms" of our lives are those that have been institutionally imposed upon us, dividing nations, communities and families. Through its signature movement vocabulary, MAI strives to grapple with these realities through the power of art as an act of resistance and freedom.


Movement Art Is (MAI)  ▸

Jon Boogz  ▸

Lil Buck  ▸

Jade’s Hip Hop Academy  ▸

Dwayne & Egypt Morgan  ▸

Akua Delfish & Onika Powell, GO LEFT Creatives  ▸

Travis Knights, Anandam Dancetheatre  ▸

Limited Availability: $20