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Crossfield House Productions Presents: A Seat at the Table

A theatre piece in development
Written by Troy Crossfield & Sheronna Osbourne
Directed by Douglas Prout

In this coming of age story Marcus and Tawni meet for the first time in the summer of 1984 in Brooklyn, NY. A turn of events cause them to lose touch for some years and later reconnect in 1994. So much life has passed and the two of them are products of a new era. Through music, politics, culture and the growing pains that come with, Marcus and Tawni navigate their complex friendship and draw on the pulse of the music to keep their bond alive.

A Little White Lie
A film by Troy Crossfield, Sheronna Osbourne and Tazzia Harris
Directed by Christian Miller

Successful tech CEO, Michael Myers (Troy Crossfield), goes on a journey of self-discovery when he finds out that he is about to lose his mother to cancer. Michael thought that he put his childhood traumas to rest, but his inner battles surface when his past and current realities meet. 


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Zakiya McIntosh

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Tickets: $15

Rated: NC-17