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What's the Big Idea?


What's the Big IDEA?

On any given day, there are dozens of ideas to explore at Harbourfront Centre, across a broad range of artistic disciplines and cultural programmes. Our curators have an eye for original trends and connections in contemporary culture – and they want you to see what they see.

Often, we observe a recurring idea emerging across various disciplines and events. We call this "The Big IDEA" and present it for you to consider as part of your Harbourfront Centre experience. It's our way of highlighting just one of the many ideas you'll find here year-round.

Summer 2010

This summer, Harbourfront Centre explores the idea of "globalocal" (global to local and local to global). In spite of our "global village," nations are fragmenting into smaller culturally distinct regions; people are re-committing to the idea of "neighbourhoods" and field-to-table production; vast populations are in migration across the globe, taking with them their history and cultures; artists are exploring their identities and using traditional forms in contemporary ways; like-minded people are coming together and creating their own "tribes" around issues of concern.

The world is changing the way it communicates, and yet the essential questions are as rooted in tradition as ever: How do we connect? How does our world shrink and expand over time? What – if any – are the boundaries of our global village?

Summer programmes and events that explore the idea of globalocal include:

World Routes Summer FestivalsWorld Routes explores ideas in contemporary culture, bringing together rich, artistic traditions from around the globe. We don't have to leave home to connect with people halfway around the world. Below you'll find examples of globalocal-specific events found within our 2010 World Routes Summer Festivals season:
Canada DayCheryl L'HirondelleCheryl's creative practice investigates the junction of a Cree worldview in contemporary time and space.More >
Canada DayCanadian Citizens Swearing-In CeremonyHarbourfront Centre welcomes Canada's newest citizens with a swearing-in ceremony.More >
Canada DayGypsy Melody Slovakia's Gypsy Melody brings Roma music to the Toronto scene!More >
Hot & Spicy Food FestivalDelhi 2 DublinThe crew takes listeners on a wild ride through global sounds and synchronicities.More >
Hot & Spicy Food FestivalLongo's™ International Iron Chef CompetitionGourmet chefs from around the globe show off their skills with secret local ingredients from Ontario's Greenbelt.More >
Fortune Cooking Food FestivalDumplings to Desire: Mother's DumplingsA food event with a globalocal lens that examines the regional history of dumplings.More >
Fortune Cooking Food FestivalLongo's™ Fortune Cooking Iron ChefHighlights the creative talents of Asian cuisine by Toronto’s chef community.More >
Fortune Cooking Food FestivalThe Art of Hand-Pulled NoodlesA food event showcasing noodles in local and international flavours.More >
What is ClassicalOrchestre Piazza VittorioSixteen musicians from 11 countries who speak eight different languages come together to create a singular "voice" through music.More >
TELUS TAIWANfest: Crossover Kou Chou ChingKnown as "Taiwan's ambassadors of rap," the band fuses a variety of races and cultures into its unique take on hip hop.More >
The 15th Anniversary of AshkanezThe Other EuropeansThis new intercultural super group creates powerful, deeply emotional and virtuosic music.More >
The Power PlantAdaptation: Between SpeciesThis exhibition highlights the encounters between different species. Artists explore what happens when humans, animals and the natural world collide.More >
Summer Music in the GardenThe Road to Kashgar Vancouver's Orchid Ensemble showcases a program inspired by the rhythms, modes and character of the many lands and cultural traditions found along China's famous Silk Road.More >