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Marina Pump-Out

Open Daily 9am to 5pm
May 1 to October 31

For assistance, call the Marina Four Office at 416 203 2620 or VHF ch. 68.

To prevent effluent from entering our lakes, please use the Harbourfront Centre Pump-Out. This outstanding state-of-the-art system, designed by Waubaushene Machine and Welding in Ontario, is sold worldwide.

The Pump-Out is located on the boardwalk at the western portion of John Quay near the Toronto Police Marine UnitóBerth 241 on Toronto Harbour chart #2085. Look for the pump-out pedestal (see photos) near the lime green coloured kiosk. Upon docking alongside the wooden faced boardwalk please tie up to the large bollards and pipe rail designed to secure pleasure craft. Ensure you fender your vessel accordingly.

For your convenience, we offer self service or full service options. Tokens are required for either.

Required self serve tokens can be purchased at the Marina Quay West (416 203 1212) or Marina Four(416 203 2620), or at the Pump-Out Station via a Dock Attendant. Staff at both marina offices can also be reached on VHF channel 68. For recorded information call our Pump-Out info line at 416-973-4148.

Please note: the Pump-Out Station is not staffed. If you require either self serve tokens or service assistance, please contact a Dock Attendant to make arrangements for them to meet you at the Pump-Out. For self serve simply follow the instructions posted on the pedestal.

Each token provides ample time to extract up to 30 imperial gallons of effluent (larger tanks=more tokens). Fresh water is available for tank cleansing. Please see our Mariners Rates for token prices and hours of operation.

Pumpout picture

Token box, hose pedestal, fresh water with posted instructions.

Pumpout picture

The pump machine sits well back from the boardwalk.

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