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Harbourfront Centre
Harbourfront Centre continues to monitor the rapidly changing situation regarding the COVID-19 virus. For the health and safety of all our staff and our volunteers, our patrons, supporters and the community, and in line with the advice and guidelines of Toronto Public Health, we will be closed to the public until further notice. Learn more here.
NORDEN: The Festival of Cool, November 24 – December 2, 2018 FREE

About the Festival

The world’s fascination with Nordic countries and culture has grown continuously over the past decade. Considered by many as the gold standard of free market capitalism for its successful inclusion of secured education and healthcare, the Nordic Model has also given rise to generations of innovative leaders in the arts, inspired by the beautiful and arresting landscapes found north of 60°. Recently, Nordic countries have received international recognition for their leadership towards achieving landmark objectives set by a ground-breaking resolution of 17 Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations.

A program of the complexity and size of Norden: The Festival of Cool is only possible with the cooperation, contributions and hard work of every department and all members of the entire Harbourfront Centre staff and volunteer teams. We extend our thanks to them all. We would also like to acknowledge and thank the dedicated Harbourfront Centre Volunteer Team who have worked tirelessly to make all our activities possible for over 36 years.
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