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Nordic Bridges 2022

A new Nordic Bridges website is underway for launch in early 2021 and until then we’re excited to share updates here.
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Nordic Bridges, a Joint Nordic Cultural Initiative, is a year-long initiative taking place from coast to coast to coast that aims to foster cultural exchange among the Nordic countries and Canada. Harbourfront Centre, as one of Canada’s leading contemporary, multidisciplinary arts and cultural centres, will curate and lead the programming for Nordic Bridges in 2022 with funding support provided by the Nordic Council of Ministers, promoting and raising the profile of contemporary Nordic culture sectors within Canada.

Joint Nordic Cultural Initiatives outside the Nordic region are initiated by the Nordic Council of Ministers for Culture and are intended to strengthen the interaction between the Nordic culture sectors and the rest of the world, raise the profile of the Nordic culture sectors abroad, and generate added value for the participants/artists, and thereby market the Nordic region as a creative region.

Building on the shared values of creativity and innovation, Nordic Bridges will serve to connect the Nordic Region – Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland – and Canada through collaborations between artists, innovators and thinkers.

Over the course of one full year in 2022, Nordic Bridges will present contemporary art and culture in a range of disciplines including the performing arts (dance, theatre, circus and music), visual and digital arts, craft and design, literature, film, and culinary arts.

Nordic Bridges aims to generate dialogue between Canada and the Nordic region on culture’s role in the creation and promotion of sustainable societies, increasing awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, most specifically, the environment, inclusivity, innovation and accessibility.

Four key pillars inform Nordic Bridges programming:

Artistic Innovation

Programming that challenges the status quo

Accessibility and Inclusion

Foster belonging and participation through art and the engagement of diverse audiences

Indigenous Perspectives

Engaging Indigenous voices from Canada and the Nordic Region, in particular the Arctic dimension of these conversations

Resilience and Sustainability

Exploring how our shared, rugged, natural landscapes inform and shape our art and design, and the measures that are being put in place to preserve these landscapes for future generations

Working with cultural partners across Canada, Nordic Bridges programming will be presented as part of scheduled programming seasons, festivals and tours, as well as industry stand-alone events.

Supported by
 Nordic Council of Ministers

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