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Parking Policy

These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice. Failure to abide by the Policy outlined herein and/or posted lot signage may result in termination of parking privileges.

Parking revenues help to support public programming and activities at Harbourfront Centre. Each time you park at Harbourfront Centre you are helping to contribute to the success of the many year-round events that you enjoy.

  1. Use of Harbourfront (1990) parking lot(s) and parking is subject to the Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 915.
  2. Parking is subject to availability and is on a first come first served basis.
  3. All users of any lot must abide by posted signs, including those outlining hours of operation and rates.
  4. At a pay and display locations, vehicle owners must display paid parking receipt(s) with print facing upward and visible on the vehicle dashboard.
  5. Vehicle owners must park in designated spaces only, and must position the vehicle properly between space markings.
  6. Propane or natural gas power vehicles are not authorized to park in any underground parking facilities.
  7. Vehicles parked in designated disabled spaces must display valid and legal accessible parking permit identification as per Ontario Ministry of Transportation requirements.
  8. Only electric powered vehicles (EV) are permitted to park in designated EV spaces. None EV vehicles may be removed from these spaces at the owners’ expense.
  9. Harbourfront (1990) will not be held responsible for any damage, theft or vandalism to the vehicle(s). Users should not leave any item(s) in the vehicle in sight. Please secure all items in a safe location. Lock your vehicle.
  10. Vehicle height restrictions exist at some facilities. Please ensure your vehicle does not exceed posted height restrictions including all roof racks or other items.
  11. Users will be held responsible for any damage caused to any parking lot features or equipment including booths, gates, signs, lighting, posts or other items. This includes any environmental damage caused by hazardous wastes such as fluids exiting the vehicle.
  12. Entering any parking lot without payment of the correct fee is illegal, and in violation of the Trespass to Property Act. Offending vehicles will be tagged and/or towed.
  13. Harbourfront (1990) Security Department reserves the right to tag and tow.
  14. Vehicles can be tagged and/or towed if deemed to be unsafe or present a danger.
  15. Fees are based on the use of a parking space(s). Larger vehicles such as cube vans, motor homes, buses and the like or vehicles with trailers will be charged fees for each occupied or partially occupied parking space. The use of a portion of a parking space is treated as the total space. Larger vehicles must have Parking Department approval.
  16. Motorcycles must park in designated motorcycle parking areas. If a motorcycle is not parked in a designated area the owner will be charged for a full sized vehicle.
  17. The parking of unlicensed or uninsured vehicles, the general storage of vehicles, and the repair or maintenance of vehicles in the parking facilities is prohibited. Further, the parking of a vehicle, that in Harbourfront (1990)’s opinion, poses any kind of hazard or contains hazardous contents is prohibited. Vehicle owners or agents are not permitted to perform mechanical work on vehicles within the parking lot.
  18. Additional Terms for Monthly Users

  19. A magnetic access swipe card (P3-Rees Street, P6-Spadina Pier/ Marina Quay West), or Hanging tag (P2-Lower Simcoe) will be provided for all monthly parking. Certain lot locations or user groups may require additional vehicle ID tags. Upon parking termination P2 hanging tags must be returned immediately on last day of use and for lots P3 & P6 access cards returned within 30 days.
  20. Access cards and hanging tags are the property of Harbourfront (1990) and are nontransferable.
  21. Under no circumstances are access cards or hanging tags to be shared for multiple vehicle access.
  22. Access is granted to a specific parking lot for a specified vehicle(s) as noted on the application by: make, model, colour and license plate. Vehicles other than described on the monthly application are NOT permitted to park in the lot using the issued access card.
  23. If you change vehicles, license plates on the described vehicle(s) or contact information, it is your responsibility to advise the Parking Department immediately. Failure to do so may result in a parking fine being issued or termination of your parking.
  24. Harbourfront (1990) reserves the right to share the registered user information with other internal departments such as, but not limited to security and finance.
  25. The vehicle must be adequately insured, have a valid license plate and associated sticker attached as required by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.
  26. Harbourfront (1990) reserves the right to change the assigned parking lot to an alternate parking lot for events, construction, repair or other such necessary relocations or partial or full lot closures. Harbourfront (1990) will advise the parker in advance when possible.
  27. If an issued monthly access card is lost or stolen the applicant must immediately advise the Parking Department. Harbourfront (1990) shall immediately cancel the card within our parking systems. There is a $20.00 access card replacement fee. Fees do not apply for replacement of damaged cards.
  28. Parking spaces are not reserved for monthly users. Parking spaces are provided to public on a first come basis, with some spaces being held for service vehicles.
  29. The parking facility may not be used, under any condition, for the storage of any items. Vehicles may not to be used as storage location for items.
  30. Trailers of any kind must be registered with Harbourfront (1990). They are treated as vehicles and as such will be charged applicable fees.
  31. Regularly scheduled lot audits identifying vehicles are performed. Any vehicle appearing to be abandoned at Harbourfront (1990)’s discretion will be tagged and towed from the parking lot. Abandoned is defined as any vehicles left stationary for any period of time longer than 3 weeks. Vehicles shall be washed and not left to accumulate dirt.
  32. All monthly fees are due prior to the 1st day of each month. Failing to provide valid credit card information or payment for the full amount by this date will be cause for immediate monthly access card cancellation. The preferred method of payment is credit card.
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