You are swimming here

Artists: adelheid & Luke Garwood
Dates: Sept 24 – Oct 25
From dawn to dusk

Minimum requirements: iPhone 7 and Android 9.
Recommended: iPhone 10 or 11 and Android 11.

You are swimming here is an augmented reality (AR) installation that peels back the unseen layers of history, geography and human impact on the Harbourfront Centre site. Audience members move through the site, using their phones to witness and interact with bodies in motion who expand our sense of connection to this unique space and to one another.

In looking at distant and recent histories, You are swimming here invites audiences to consider the impact of human presence relative to natural, industrial and technological environments.

You are swimming here is a sister work to the immersive LOT X, presented on-site as part of TORQUE in June 2019.

A Guide to You are swimming here:

  • Visit the Apple or Google App store and download the app in advance of your visit.
  • Optimally viewed late in the day, early in the morning, or on cloudier days – midday sun increases screen glare.)
  • This is a mobile experience! A sense of discovery is key. Be prepared to travel through the campus. Crouching, laying down, sitting are invited, but not required.
  • Turn on sound and keep the volume up; ensure your screen is at full brightness.
  • Use the map included in the navigation.
  • Scan with your phone and approach what you encounter.
  • The app also works in airplane mode.
  • Feel free to share photos/videos of your experience! #youareswimminghere

Adelheid performing in front of an audience

About adelheid

adelheid believes performance is both about what is understood and what is felt, about both meaning and the human potential to experience.  We make work that speaks to the “realness” of where we are and who we are – how we are affected by the world around us. Our work focuses on human contact, interaction, and the environment we find ourselves within.

adelheid’s artistic director is Heidi Strauss.

An stylised image of adelheid's You are swimming here A photograph of Luke Garwood

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