Indigenous Studies

7 Gifts New!

Grades: K–3 (Half Day)

Program: Indigenous Studies

Curriculum Connections: Social Studies, Visual Arts

The 7 Gifts, also commonly known as the 7 Grandfather Teachings, are a foundational element of understanding life and human conduct. Throughout the life stages, we acquire these gifts through our increased experience and understanding of our world.

Come join us in exploring these gifts, using the Indigenous worldviews to explain how they are important in everyday life.  Students will complete a visual arts piece connected to their understandings of the 7 Gifts.

Key Inquiry Question
How could the 7 Gifts of Life help you live your best life?

Program Objectives
By the end of the 7 Gifts program, students will:

  • Access knowledge from an Indigenous perspective, expanding on personal worldview relating to the individual, family, community, world and all our relations
  • Identify Indigenous ways of knowing and historical knowledge in a contemporary educational setting
  • Use appropriate terminology for FNMI (First Nations, Metis, Inuit) groups