Getting Here

Our Address

Harbourfront Centre
235 Queens Quay West
Toronto, Ontario
M5G 2G8

Our major intersection is Queens Quay West and Lower Simcoe.

School Visits recommends groups traveling by TTC come from Union Station and take the streetcar or walk.

Walk from Union Station

Head SOUTH on York Street from Union Station

Take a RIGHT on Queens Quay West

Walk for two minutes – Harbourfront Centre will be ON YOUR LEFT at 235 Queens Quay West

By Streetcar

509 HARBOURFRONT streetcars run between Union and Exhibition.

510 SPADINA streetcars run between Spadina and Union.

Exit your streecar at the Harbourfront Centre stop.

TTC Trip Planner

By Bus

Buses should drop passengers off on Harbourfront Centre property via the designated bus loop.

The driveway next to the Queen’s Quay Terminal is not an appropriate bus drop off location.

Please do not drop off directly onto the street.

Heading SOUTH?

Buses can drive directly into our site via Lower Simcoe.
This is the easiest bus entry to Harbourfront Centre.

Heading EAST?

Via Queens Quay West – There is NO RIGHT TURN into our site for eastbound traffic.

Via Lake Shore Boulevard – There is NO TURN onto Lower Simcoe from Lakeshore Boulevard.

Via Gardiner Expressway – TURN RIGHT at the Lower Simcoe exit and drive SOUTH into our site.

Heading WEST?

From Queens Quay West, TURN LEFT at Lower Simcoe into the Harbourfront Centre site.

Please note the advance left turn signal light.

Map for school bus entry to Harbourfront Centre