Visual Arts & Contemporary Craft


Grades: Lino: 4-12 (Half Day)

Program: Visual Arts & Contemporary Craft

Curriculum Connections: Visual Arts, Social Studies, Native Studies, French

Your students will be introduced to a brief history of relief printmaking through an examination of artworks by prominent artists, focusing on prints by Inuit artists. They will then design, carve and print a series of colourful relief print. Students learn the techniques of relief printmaking using a soft linoleum block.

Key Inquiry Question
How can your experience with the printmaking process lead to a better understanding of the printed images we see daily?

Program Objectives
By the end of the Lino program, students will:

  • Discover the history of printmaking through the examination of works by prominent artists, focusing on prints by Inuit artists
  • Explore relief carving techniques to produce line, texture, pattern and positive and negative space in printmaking
  • Demonstrate the safe use of lino carving tools to produce a printing block
  • Produce several colourful prints using a soft linoleum printing block

Download a comprehensive Education Resource Kit prepared by Harbourfront Centre School Visits educators.