To book your visit, follow the link at the bottom of the page and complete the registration form.

Please have the following information ready when you register:

  • Your choice of program(s)
  • Full Day or Half Day visit
  • Your first and second choices for date of visit
  • Number and grade level of students
  • Name, mailing address, telephone and fax numbers of school
  • Email address of main contact person and Office Administrator
  • Name(s) of accompanying teacher(s)
  • Prefered language of instruction

Program Fees

Regular Programs
Full Day: $16 per student
Half Day: $13 per student
Combine two Half Day programs: $16 per student
Please note that a minimum fee applies to groups of less than 12 students.

Creative Edge Programs
Priced based on the experience

SHSM Programs
Full Day: $20

In-School Programs
$350 – 90 minutes (up to 35 students)

Program Times

Full day: 10am–2pm
Half day: 10–11:30am or 12:30–2pm
(unless otherwise requested)


Subsidy is available on a case-by-case basis for schools in need, pending availability. Contact the Registrar for eligibility requirements.

Booking Confirmation and Deposit

To confirm your booking please return your signed booking contract and non-refundable deposit no later than two weeks after receiving a booking contract.

Deposit for a half day program is $150 and $200 for a full day program. Schools booking multiple days are required to pay a deposit for each day.

Please note: for schools paying through a purchase order, no deposit is required. Purchase orders should be made to the full amount owing.

Cancellations and Changes

If the booking is cancelled WITHIN TWO WEEKS of the original visit date, the deposit shall be forfeited and a new deposit will be required for the new booking.

If a booking is changed a minimum of two weeks prior to the visit date, the non-refundable deposit shall be applied to the new booking. If the booking is rescheduled WITHIN TWO WEEKS of the original visit date, the deposit shall be forfeited and a new deposit will be required for the new booking.

Once bookings have been made, changes to the visit date, program choice or an addition or reduction of five or more students per class will be subject to an administration fee of $25 per change.


For safety and security, a minimum numbers supervisor is required to accompany each school group. Teachers and volunteer supervisors are required to stay with students at all times and are responsible for appropriate student behavior.

Our recommended ratio for supervisors is:
Grades K to 3 – 1:6
Grades 4 to 12 – 1:8

There is no charge for supervisors unless otherwise indicated (Guided Boat and Student Performances).


Please encourage your students booked for a full day program to bring lunch and a snack. Students booked for half day programs are encouraged to bring a morning or afternoon snack. Keep in mind that Harbourfront Centre is a peanut aware building, and encourages all school groups to prohibit students from bringing nut or nut related products with them.

Still have questions? Not sure if you are ready to book? To learn more about our School Visits programs, please contact the Registrar at or 416 973 4091. Please be aware that the Registrar will respond within 48 hours to any inquiries

All programs are subject to change.
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