Visual Arts & Contemporary Craft

Sock Puppets

Grades: K-3 (Half Day)

Program: Visual Arts & Contemporary Craft

Curriculum Connections: Visual Arts, Drama, French

Students learn the rich history of puppets from around the world and participate in puppetry activities involving expression, movement and voice. Best of all, each student creates a one-of-a-kind puppet using a variety of materials.

Key Inquiry Question
How can we use a puppet to tell a story?

Program Objectives
By the end of the Sock Puppets program, students will:

  • Participate in a puppet show to stimulate discussion of the history of puppets
  • Produce a three-dimensional sock puppet using collage techniques
  • Perform a series of puppet activities including movement, expression and voice

Download a comprehensive Education Resource Kit prepared by Harbourfront Centre School Visits educators.