Support School Visits

To ensure that all students are given an equal opportunity to access these unique learning and educational field trips, Harbourfront Centre has created the Student Subsidy Initiative which provides full classrooms of students – kindergarten through Grade 12 – with the unique opportunity to take part in out-of-classroom learning and educational field trips that they would not otherwise have access to. It is our goal to provide students, regardless of their circumstance, the opportunity to explore the city in which they live and experience non-traditional education programs that celebrate different cultures and creative imaginations of global artists outside of the classroom setting.

Bringing communities together with a commitment to youth development through various educational and cultural forums is something both you and Harbourfront Centre can take pride in.

To learn how you can support the Student Subsidy Initiative, please contact Sonia Stramaglia, Development Officer, Corporate Partnerships by email or at 416 973 4680.