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Kim Kilpatrick
Kim Kilpatrick has over ten years experience as a storyteller and has performed regularly on the NAC fourth Stage since 2004, as well as at storytelling festivals in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, and St. Mary’s. She tells humorous, entertaining, and engaging stories about living as a person who is blind, as well as folk tales and historical material.

Valentina Gal 
I am the blind daughter of Ukrainian immigrants who came to Canada in the early 1950s. My stories are peopled with folks from a working-class neighborhood which was home to Displaced Persons who survived the Second World War. I write about interesting situations, both serious and funny that show the reader about how we learned to live together long before multiculturalism was an everyday concept in Canada. I also included my experiences of being part of that world as a blind child,

Travelling Blind


Kim Kilpatrick and Valentina Gal share personal stories about living with insight, wit, and courage in a world without sight.

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