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About Waheed Soroor:
After three successful albums and several hit songs in both Afghan and Iranian communities around the world, Waheed is humble about his accomplishments. Most recently, Waheed performed to a televised audience of over four million at the prestigious annual Ariana Television Network Awards (an international convention for Afghan artists). Waheed also has the unique ability to sing flawlessly in the varying dialects and languages spoken in Afghanistan.  A true global citizen, Waheed also sings in English, Hindi, Punjabi and Spanish. In his own words, “music unites us all.”

In a community torn from the ravages of war, poverty and destruction, Waheed’s music is a catalyst for revival, renewal and strength. A fan comments: “Waheed’s melodious voice and passion invigorate me.  When I listen to his songs, I feel love and hope… and an uncontrollable urge to dance!” 

Waheed Soroor and Kice aka Kastro


Waheed Soroor's energy, voice and instrumentation are the fruit of his true commitment and passion for humanity.  Not only respected by music lovers and artists all over the world, he also believes in growing communities through education.

Kice aka Kastro is the first Canadian/Afghan pop artist to hit the music scene with his unique sound and style. His official first single “Crush on You” debuted in early 2010, which received over 50,000 Youtube views in a matter of months. Since then, his talent has certainly progressed and is demonstrated through his ability to create music in different genres.

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