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About Double AA:
Double AA brings a party experience that’s second to none. His resume speaks for itself: from Indian remixes back in the early ‘90s, to opening up for world renowned urban artists and DJs, live-to-air on FLOW 93.5 and WBLK 93.7 FM, and now his long list of massively successful parties (Phunk’d, The 4MLA). Which takes us to the mammoth known as Luv To Bhang! Working on two turntables, he incorporates many traditional DJing aspects such as cutting and scratching into the world of Bollywood/Bhangra music.

The percussionist Gurpreet “The Tabla” Chana and Paul “The Drummer” Nanuwa are by far the most talented artists to come out of Canada. Having played for numerous recording artists including Juno-nominated Kiran Ahluwalia and international recording artists RDB, they add to the experience by creating a mesmorizing percussive accompaniment to Double AA's talent on the turn tables.

About Sonay Gabroo Punjab De (SGPD):
Sonay Gabroo Punjab De (SGPD) is a dance team from the GTA that combines traditional bhangra with modern, urban twists. Since 2000 they have made bhangra pleasurable not only to Indians, but to everyone and anyone who watches. The team has blossomed into a whopping 24-person, internationally competitive dance crew (including dancers, instrumentalists and vocalists). SGPD has been recognized by an array of organizations and has competed and placed first in numerous competitions.

About Manny Brar:
Manny Brar is the founder of the Desi-inspired clothing line Desi Wear (DW). DW has played an integral part of celebrating and promoting the rich and vibrant culture of South Asians for the past 16 years. It has become a well recognized brand not only in Toronto but around the world. It has been featured in many fashion shows, magazines, newspapers, TV shows, music videos, movies and worn by all the top desi artists. Manny Brar has been at the forefront of the Desi community for the past 15 years and his vision and creativity has made Desi Wear and Luv to Bhang some of the most respected brands within the fashion and music industry.  
About Jus Reign:
Jus Reign is a Desi comedian from Guelph, Ont. Jus specializes in creating web content such as comedic skits, parodies and re-enactments of everyday life in forms of online video and standup.

His passion for comedy and creating media content started at a young age, lying within the roots of making home videos and presenting standup to his close family and friends. With the creation of online media and the popularity of YouTube, Jus Reign took the opportunity to present his humour and talent in the summer of ‘09 to a wide array of audiences through easily accessible online content.

The aim of Reign's comedy is not only put a smile on the faces of many, but to do it in a positive manner that promotes his rich culture, heritage and people, portraying the uniqueness of the strong values and beliefs of all Desi's, Sikh's and Punjabi's as a whole.

Over the past two years he has become one of North America’s hottest sketch comedy YouTube stars!

Bhanging by the Lake


From the park to the lake! Rav Double AA & Paul "The Drummer" Nanuwa are joined by Toronto’s very own Jus Reign to present the best in Bhangra at M!M!M!. This branded Bhangra blowout has become a M!M!M! trademark event with partners Desiwear. Part traditional, part contemporary, part fusion Bhangra and 100% high energy MMMasti!






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