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James Hill (Musical arranger)

Musician, songwriter, composer and educator James Hill has made a career with his ground-breaking approach to the chronically-underestimated ukulele. He has recorded several highly acclaimed albums, including Man with a Love Song and True Love Don’t Weep, the latter with cellist Anne Janelle, and a new solo recording is set for release in the fall of 2014.

David Olson (Soloist)
David Olson is a guitarist and ukulele player. Since early childhood, his most fervent desire was to give voice to the unknowable longing of the human heart and to deliver to audiences the muse of melody. Having failed at this, he writes comedy music. In his non-spare time he teaches guitar and ukulele and creates original ink drawings that command ridiculous prices. He is an obscure-o-file, and his knowledge of arcane pop-culture trivia makes him insufferable at parties. He is currently performing with the avant garde collective 33 Seconds.

Brenna MacCrimmon (Soloist)
Brenna MacCrimmon has spent the better part of her musical life immersed in the traditions of the Balkans and Turkey. She has had the great fortune of working, studying, touring and recording with many fine traditional musicians in Turkey and North America. She has also pursued less traditional paths and has performed with psychedelic folk artists, electronica bands, Balkan beat DJs and in 2010, she found herself in Moscow as a member of the cast of “Bobble” with Bobby McFerrin.

She is a featured performer in Crossing the Bridge, Fatih Akin’s 2005 documentary of the Istanbul music scene. Her theatre work includes musical director of the award-winning Volcano production of, Goodness. Her uke playing began innocently enough while organizing some wonderful vintage sheet music with the encouraging words, “Ukulele Accompaniment Included” printed on the cover.

Lorne Shapiro (Soloist)
Lorne Shapiro was a guitarist in a past life, who then fell for the viol (no, not vile, viol!) as his main instrument. He stumbled into uke-playing by accident, after having bought a fluke in a moving sale. It sat around collecting dust for a couple of years until he started seeing some Renaissance and Baroque transcriptions for the instrument online; then he was hooked. Since then, Lorne has performed a wide variety of pieces on the uke by the likes of John Dowland, J.S. Bach, Hisaishi Joe (of Miyazaki anime fame) and even Kate Bush. Lorne, who spends most of his daylight hours as a music librarian, believes that pretty much everything can (and should) be played on the uke.

Eve Goldberg (Soloist)
Eve sings music that draws honey from the rock of life. A compelling writer and interpreter, Eve’s performances are intimate and relaxed, moving effortlessly from folk classics to original gems, with a trademark mixture of folk, blues, country, bluegrass, old time, and jazz. Her watercolour voice and solid guitar and ukulele style has made her a favourite with audiences across Canada and the US, ranging from small houseconcerts to the prestigious Kennedy Center in Washington DC. Eve is also a much-loved music teacher who leads workshops and classes in ukulele, guitar, singing, songwriting and performance. She is a staff instructor on and the founder of the Parkdale Ukulele Group.

Ukulele Project 2.0 Performance


Building on the success of 2012, the Ukulele Project 2.0 will attempt ‘Toreador’ from Bizet’s Carmen – on massed ukuleles led by a quartet of brilliant uke soloists.

Arranged by master ukulele player and musician James Hill, come and take part in this unique endeavour. Join one (or all) of the diversity of uke friendly workshops on offer over the weekend, from two chord gems to calypso strums, to learn new styles or brush up your technique. 

July 25, 6:30pm
July 26, 1:30pm
July 26, 4pm
July 27, 1pm
July 27, 3:15pm

Download the music ahead of time and don’t forget to bring your ukulele.

TOREADOR,' from Bizet's CARMEN
Music arranged for ukulele by James Hill

TOREADOR,' from Bizet's CARMEN
Music arranged for ukulele by James Hill

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