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Games Weekend: Play Zone


Discover Harbourfront Centre’s imagination playground. This innovative playground encourages learning, movement and fun while kids build new worlds, imaginary places and dramatic scenarios — on a larger-than-life scale. Kids can build, connect pieces, create walls, forts, castles and all kinds of fun environments. Kids decide how and what to build without any influence from grown-ups.

Most of the rules are up to the kids themselves, except for three:

1. Play Zone is kids 8 and under only.
We kindly ask all parents, guardians, babysitters, aunts, uncles, teenaged brothers or sisters to watch all the fun from outside the zone.

2. Please don't drop your kids off.
Harbourfront Centre's Play Associates are on hand to make sure the equipment and play stay safe.

3. Please listen to the Play Associates.
They're there to help.

Part of Games Weekend

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