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SoundClash Festival

You Were Here.
This Is Our Story.

For 40 years you’ve been a part of our history. Our 10-acre lakeside site has been the setting for your memories, milestones and life-changing moments. Were you proposed to on our boardwalk? Did you learn to skate on our skating rink? Did you become a Canadian at our annual swearing-in ceremony?

Over the winter, you shared stories, big and small, about Harbourfront Centre. Some of those were used by Toronto theatre and media company FIXT POINT to form the narrative to an online audio play. Thanks to your submissions The Tale of Harbourfront Centre is ready and will be the final production as part of the World Stage 2014 lineup.

Starting June 26, listen to The Tale of Harbourfront Centre online. The performance will be available for download or streaming throughout the summer. Thank you for sharing your stories and helping us to tell ours.

The Tale of Harbourfront Centre is a Fresh Ground new works commission.

Listen here

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