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Opening Keynote: Forensic Architecture

The opening keynote will be presented by the extraordinary Prof. Eyal Weizman, founding director and principal investigator of Forensic Architecture, with opening remarks from Senator Ratna Omidvar, an internationally recognized voice on migration, diversity and inclusion and Fiona Salzen, British Council Trustee. Forensic Architecture is a multidisciplinary research group that uses architectural techniques and technologies to investigate cases of state violence and violations of human rights around the world.

“[Forensic Architecture] develops evidentiary systems in relation to specific cases; in so doing, it acts as an architectural detective agency, working with NGOs and human rights lawyers to uncover facts that confound the stories told by police, military, states and corporations.” The Guardian


Fiona Salzen

Senator Ratna Omidvar

Prof. Eyal Weizman


Audio Describer
Kat Germain will be the audio-describer for this panel. Headsets will be made available to those who request them at ahead of the event.

American Sign Language
There will be an ASL interpreter for this panel.


Fiona Salzen  ▸

Senator Ratna Omidvar  ▸

Prof. Eyal Weizman  ▸


Registration is closed. All available spaces for this panel have been filled.

Audio Describer availableASL Interpreter available

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