Harbourfront Centre presents a season of contemporary dance created by visionary female choreographers from around the globe. A collection of rising and legendary talent, this season’s work is an illustration of societal, environmental and political resistance.

Torque is the force that creates physical rotation, overcoming resistance in the process. In dance, this manifests as energy against physical obstacles. In the works presented in this season – and in life – torque represents humanity’s will to survive and thrive against conflicting forces.


Acting Director
Performing Arts

We live in volatile times. As a North American society, we can’t deny that our Western prosperity has been built on historical and systemic conflict, oppression and exploitation. Freedom, equality, sovereignty: what do these concepts mean if they don’t apply to everyone?

Harbourfront Centre, renowned for presenting contemporary, cutting edge performances, has nurtured local, national and international dance on its stages for years. Exploring current artistic and societal themes, the curated dance series, TORQUE, continues this legacy featuring rising and legendary talent by fostering global/local exchange and dialogue.

This dance season reflects on these themes in wildly different ways, with works that are demanding both of the artists and the audience. These brilliant pieces explore urgent realities and uncomfortable truths, which in turn make hope and connection possible.

Prepare to be challenged, moved and exhilarated.