Fou Glorieux  |  Quebec

Choreographer, Performer  |  Louise Lecavalier

Performer  |  Robert Abubo

Music  |  Antoine Berthiaume

When two antiheroes are locked in a battle that doesn’t make any sense, who wins? This fight is a strange scuffle of confrontation, avoidance and surrender.

Canadian contemporary dance icon Louise Lecavalier explores new territory with Battleground, a solo and duet inspired by two Italo Calvino characters. The stage is a fight ring where a thousand battles are waged, both ephemeral and extreme. In a mad, unclassifiable dance, the two characters allow glimpses into their ideals and disillusionments.

Daring and intense, this show will enthral you with its fierce physicality.

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Battleground is co-produced with Fou Glorieux (Montreal), tanzhaus nrw (Düsseldorf), HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts (Dresden), Le CENTQUATRE (Paris), Festival TransAmériques (Montreal), Usine C (Montreal). Louise Lecavalier is an associate international artist of the CENTQUATRE, Paris.

Photography © André Cornellier