Adelheid  |  Ontario

Choreographer  |  Heidi Strauss

Performers, Collaborators  |  Alana Elmer, Anna Finkel, Luke Garwood, Lukas Malkowski, Sahara Morimoto, Pulga Muchochoma, Naishi Wang

Co-presented with DanceWorks

Free your imagination and body.
Enter new territory.

This site-specific piece holds a magnifying glass to the very land we are standing on and the people we stand with. Explore and challenge questions of ownership, intimacy and sharing, while the performers move with you through physical and virtual spaces. Your perspective will shift as you choose where you want to be. Move beyond the confines of the theatre to experience an amplified awareness of our urban space.

Formed in 2008, adelheid makes work that speaks to the “realness” of where we are and who we are – and how we are affected by the world around us.

LOT X  is supported by Harbourfront Centre’s Performing Arts Residency Program and Canada Council for the Arts New Chapter Program.

Photography © Jeremy Mimnagh