Masterclass with Mélanie Demers

In association with
MAYDAY’s Animal Triste

Mélanie Demers’ workshops are designed to create a territory where real meetings are possible. Tailored to the context and the needs of the group, the classes become laboratories to experiment and take risks in a safe environment, providing a suitable playground for artists to explore “inner mythology.”

The session starts with a discussion, then continues in a physical application of the topics raised by the discussion. Guided improvisations take over and the process is set in motion. Conducted in a spirit of community and shared experiences, the session addresses the importance of artists connecting with their creative potential.

TORQUE presents the Toronto premiere of MAYDAY’s Animal Triste on April 11–13, 2019 in the Harbourfront Centre Theatre.

Skill Level

Professionals or dance students, actors or any person using the body in their practice.

Dress so you can move freely and have appropriate foot wear or bare feet.

Leader Bios

  • Mélanie Demers

Mélanie Demers is a choreographer, word lover, moviegoer and art addict established in Montreal, where she founded the dance company MAYDAY in 2007. Having studied literature and theatre, Mélanie Demers pursued her professional training as a dancer at LADMMI. She graduated in 1996 and started her career working with emerging choreographers before joining O Vertigo, with whom she collaborated for nearly ten years. Socially engaged as an artist, Mélanie Demers travelled to teach dance in Kenya, Niger, Brazil and Haiti, amongst other destinations. Her travels contributed to address political issues and to stimulate a debate of ideas into her work. To date, Mélanie Demers choreographed twenty works and was presented in multiple cities across Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

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Photography © Antoine Caron