Mixed Repertory Program

A.I.M  |  United States

Big Rings
Choreographer  |  Keerati Jinakunwiphat

Show Pony
Choreographer  |  Kyle Abraham

Duet from Dearest Home
Choreographer  |  Kyle Abraham

Solo Olos
Choreographer  |  Trisha Brown

Choreographer  |  Kyle Abraham

Lighting Designer  |  Dan Scully

Sensual and provocative movement that blends classical, contemporary, hip hop and urban dance.

Under the artistic direction of choreographer Kyle Abraham, A.I.M’s virtuoso dancers from diverse dance backgrounds create a program that is fresh and unique, poetic and highly kinetic, evocative and human.

Grounded in Abraham’s artistic background in classical cello, piano and the visual arts, these expressive interdisciplinary works delve deep into personal identity, capturing your imagination with a touch of real life and infectious music. This mixed program includes five wildly different works that make up a truly rich, vibrant, satisfying evening of dance.

“Abraham’s dances may be political … they are also aspirational, complex and upbeat.”
– Judith Mackrell, The Guardian

Photography © Sharen Bradford and Steven Schreiber