winter guests  |  Norway

Director and Choreographer  |  Alan Lucien Øyen

Performers  |  Shōji Kōjima, Daniel Proietto

Creative Associate/Text  |  Andrew Wale

Set Design  |  Åsmund Faravaag, Andy Cavatorta

Lighting Designer  |  Martin Flack

Sound Designer  |  Gunnar Innvær

Kabuki choreographer & music for "Natsue", Act 2  |  Fujima Kanjuro

Imagine the striking juxtaposition of the formality of Kabuki, the energy of Flamenco and the emotion of contemporary dance theatre.

Drawing inspiration from many sources, this dramatic work is based on the real-life experiences of its two legendary dancers. Eighty-year-old Shōji Kojima migrated to Spain from Japan to become a master of Flamenco. Argentina-born Daniel Proietto left for Japan to study the female role of Kabuki. Both relate in having started life in adversity and together, they create a stirring encounter of remarkable personal and intercultural complexity. These two award-winning dancers examine the role that memory, passion, identity and mortality play in the making of art and the artist. What transpires is a sincere tale that is transforming and mesmerizing.

Choreographed by Alan Lucien Øyen, one of Norway’s most exciting artists, and chosen by Japan Times as one of the best new productions of 2018, this visceral, multi-disciplinary performance will immerse you in theatre, dance, memory and ritual.

“Kojima and Proietto contrast and complement each other exquisitely.”
– Nobuko Tanaka, Japan Times

Supported by

Norwegian Embassy in Ottawa

The Japan Foundation, Toronto

The Consulate General of Argentina in Toronto


FuturePerfect Productions

The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

The Norwegian Opera and Ballet


The Norwegian Arts Council

Photography © Erik Berg