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Vendor FAQ 2020

What is Harbourfront Centre?

Situated on Toronto’s waterfront, Harbourfront Centre is renowned as Canada’s foremost facility for contemporary culture. Our year-round operation offers some 4000 internationally acclaimed events ranging from music, literary and theatrical festivals to children’s activities and craft shops.

During the summer, Harbourfront Centre presents a schedule of music and cultural weekends, some of which are themed around specific cultural communities and presented at the different venues on site. Check out our summer overview for more detail on specific weekends.

What does Harbourfront Centre offer Food Lab vendors?

We have a 10-acre lakeside setting, weekend festivals all summer long, millions of annual visitors and so much more! We have a team of wonderful staff who look forward to working with you throughout the season. We also offer:

  • Vendor Coordinator
  • Assistant Vendor Coordinator, on site each weekend working to ensure that everything goes smoothly
  • 16’ x 16’ equipped with natural gas, fire extinguisher, oven, stove, grill, deep fryer, multi-compartment sink, refrigerator, freezer, multi-compartment steam table and a hand-washing sink.
  • Two chalkboard menus for listing your items with prices
  • Access to a power source (to be discussed with Vendor Coordintor)
  • Overnight security staff

How can I participate as a Food Lab vendor?

All Food Lab Vendors applicants must be registered businesses. Once you submit your application vendors are reviewed by a taste-test jury before they are accepted.

As a new applicant, do I have a chance of getting in?

Yes! We want to keep our food offerings current, and always encourage new vendors to apply.

Other than the booth rental fee, what additional costs are associated with selling food?

A $500.00 refundable damage deposit is required upon booking. This fee will be refunded once your contract ends. All vendors must plan their menus carefully for the weekend they have booked. The vendor is required to provide all cooking products and utensils, and plan their staffing accordingly. If you would like to bring any electrical equipment, please detail those on the application form, and include the wattage.

Do I have to submit images with my application?

You can send in as many images as you need to represent what you want to sell. Images are important so that we get a clear idea of the quality of your menu. We may also use them for promotion and advertising opportunities.

Where is the Food Lab located?

The Food Lab is located on the south side of the lawn and the Stage in the Round.

Food Lab

I see that the application deadline has past. Is it too late to apply?

No, it’s not too late for you to apply. All applications are reviewed and considered, even those received after the deadline. Because we have many returning food vendors, we suggest that all new vendors submit their applications as soon as possible, as our festivals do sell out.

I am looking to promote vendors working in my collective, community, tourism or regional group? Can I promote them at Harbourfront Centre’s festivals?

No, you may not promote any additional other businesses or vendors within your working group. No balloting, give-aways, raffles or any form of contests or prizes are permitted. We also do not allow vendors to collect personal information from our patrons.

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