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Vendor Opportunities

Lakeview Market
Rules and Regulations

Application process

  1. Vendor must submit the completed application package.
  2. Products selected for Lakeview Market are juried. After our jury process, and upon acceptance of your application, we will process your deposit fee(s). All vendors will receive formal notification as to acceptance status in writing by email address and/or mailing address specified by the applicant.

Acceptance Criteria

  1. Your application package will be reviewed for the quality, uniqueness and salability of your product(s) and overall balance of the category your product(s) falls into.
  2. Vendors are accepted based on the items proposed on the application form and may only sell the approved items detailed in the form.
  3. All vendors must submit photo(s) of the product(s) they plan to sell and a product list with price range. Attractive booth display and clear signage are an important part of our selection process. We will be keeping photos on file for future reference.
  4. We welcome vendors who employ social media and marketing tools, and excellent customer service.

Vendor Agreement

  1. Harbourfront Centre reserves the right to refuse booth space to anyone. Harbourfront Centre reserves the right to cancel the vendor agreement or to eject any vendor from the premises who is behaving in an objectionable manner and the vendor waives any right and all claims for damages or compensation by reason of Harbourfront Centre exercising this right.
  2. Booth Permissions: Only vendors in possession of a valid, signed contract from Harbourfront Centre may occupy space at Lakeview Market.
  3. Harbourfront Centre assumes no responsibility for sales, inclement weather, nor guarantees of attendance.

Cancellation Policy

  1. If the contract is cancelled by the Vendor due to any circumstance between May 10 and May 25, 2019, Harbourfront Centre will refund the money paid to date.
  2. If the contract is cancelled by the Vendor after May 25, 2019, the vendor forfeits all monies paid.
  3. If the contract is cancelled by Harbourfront Centre for cause, the vendor forfeits all monies paid.
  4. Harbourfront Centre has the right to cancel vendor contracts if they fail to comply with the Harbourfront Centre Rules and Regulations, without any reimbursement.


  1. Vendor agrees to adhere to the Load-in and Load-out schedule provided by Harbourfront This schedule will be sent the week of the festival by e-mail with the number and location of the booth.
  2. Load in/out access will be allowed for a short period of time for the purpose of delivering and re-stocking food and/or equipment only. Vendors are allowed a maximum of 30 minutes to park and unload their goods on Harbourfront Centre property. If you use more than 30 minutes for load-in you will get a parking ticket.
  3. Parking is responsibility of the Vendor.
  4. We offer one discounted parking pass per day per vendor for our Rees Street parking lot and monthly discounted parking passes for vendors that are here all or a large part of the summer.

Booth Placement

  1. Harbourfront Centre will assign all booth(s) locations. Locations must be accepted as assigned. Harbourfront Centre also reserves the right to re-assign tent(s)/booth(s) at any time. Vendors are not permitted to request a particular booth space, or change their location without prior approval of Harbourfront Centre. To do so will result in immediate disqualification from Lakeview Market.
    • Harbourfront Centre reserves the right, after assignment of space, to relocate exhibits which may be affected by a change in Lakeview Market space assignment for any reason whatsoever.
  2. Booth Vendors must install, arrange and conduct their exhibits only in the location allotted to them in a neat and orderly manner. Public access routes MUST be kept clear at all times.
  3. Booth Vendors are required to confine their exhibit and all exhibit activities within the limits of their allotted space. Products and displays are NOT ALLOWED to be outside the limits of their booth. Salespeople and demonstrators are prohibited from operating in the aisle or in any other location other than that specified in the contract.
  4. Booth Vendors are required to confine their exhibit and all exhibit activities within the limits of their allotted space. Products and displays are NOT ALLOWED to be outside the limits of their booth. Salespeople and demonstrators are prohibited from operating in the aisle or in any other location other than that specified in the contract.
  5. Any Booth Vendor that exceeds their booth boundaries by one foot will be given a written warning. If Booth Vendor violates this space agreement more than twice, will be fined $50.00 CAD each and every time thereafter for any further violation. Vendors will not be allowed on the premises until they have paid all fines. Continued disregard may result in cancellation of contract.
  6. you require more space than the one you booked, please consider purchasing a second booth (this is not allowed for tables) and contact the Vendor Coordinator for more information and availability.

Backdrop and Display Equipment – Power Outlet

  1. Harbourfront Centre expects each Vendor to decorate their booth(s) and present their merchandise in an attractive manner. Backdrops for booths are not supplied. Please bring your own backdrop for your booth(s). Items such as tablecloths, carpeting, racks and shelving are the responsibility of each Vendor. Harbourfront Centre does not provide nails, tape, staples or backdrops, or display lighting for booths. Harbourfront Centre reserves the right to close a booth if its appearance and presentation is deemed not appropriate.
  2. Hanging a flag of any kind is not permitted.
  3. Backdrops, signs and decorations can only be hung from the vendor’s grid system and must be kept within the allocated space. Vendors MAY NOT HANG anything from the Metal Tent Frame.
  4. Bringing additional equipment requires Harbourfront Centre’s approval. Unapproved items will not be allowed on-site.
  5. As a mandated fire control measure, absolutely NO halogen lighting is allowed. You will be provided with 1 (one) 15 amp power outlet (see attached photo). Vendors can NOT use their own power bars.
  6. Signage: All signage must be professionally and/or creatively prepared. Management retains the right to remove inappropriate and/or unattractive signs. Samples of the creative must be submitted to Vendor Coordinator for approval.
  7. All grid wall systems must be uninstalled after each weekend. Harbourfront Centre does not allow vendors to keep their grids over the week, even if they’ve booked several weekends.

Booth Operation and Conduct

  1. Facility Use, Public Safety: Harbourfront Centre reserves the right to intervene in terms of facility use and public safety.
  2. Interference with performances: Vendors are asked to respect ongoing performances at Harbourfront Centre. No audio or video devices are allowed in the booths (portable stereos, radios, CD or DVD players, etc.). When selling musical instruments, approval of playing them in the booths must be obtained, in writing, from the Vendor Coordinator.
  3. balloting, give-aways, raffles or any form of contests or prizes are permitted. No collection of information from any of our patrons is allowed on-site.
  4. Hours of operation: Vendors must keep their booths open and staffed for the entire duration of the operating hours of Lakeview Market. Lakeview Market operates rain or shine. Vendors must be in attendance and booths must remain open during the designated hours. The Vendor must be ready for business at the designated start time and close promptly at the designated close time. Hours of operation will be strictly enforced. Not complying with these hours of operation may cause closing and or cancellation of your booth with no reimbursement.
  5. Closing Early due to Weather: If weather conditions call for potentially closing the Market, the decision to keep the Market open or to close it will be made with the Vendor Coordinator together with all Vendors on-site. The decision will be made by majority consensus. Said decision must be followed by ALL vendors on-site.
  6. Product sales: Lakeview Market vendors may only sell merchandise that has been agreed upon in advance by Harbourfront Centre. The Vendor must provide the products that were approved in the application form and can make no changes or additions. Harbourfront Centre will require vendors to remove items that have not been approved. If the Vendor needs to change the product lines from the original application, these new items must approved by Harbourfront Centre at least one month in advance, before they are displayed to the public.
    1. Booth vendors agree to accept full responsibility for all materials and goods which they use or display in the booth area.
    2. Harbourfront Centre strictly prohibits the sale of the following at the Lakeview Market:
      • Beverages of any kind
      • Flags
      • Knock-off designer merchandise (handbags, jewelry, clothing etc.)
      • Mass-produced novelty items/toys/giftware/electronics (ex. Bubble guns or light sabers)
      • Spiritual or religious-themed products
      • Counterfeit merchandise
      • Mass produced T-shirts and any type of CDs or DVDs. Harbourfront Centre retains the right to sell these items and also retains the right to allow its festival partners to sell this merchandise
  7. Staffing and sales tax: The Vendor is responsible for booth staffing, collection and remittance of all sales taxes and required Ontario business licenses and all other aspects of running their booth.
  8. Return policy: Booth Vendors must post their refund or return policy clearly on their booth.
  9. Any ownership change of business, at any time, requires a new application form.
  10. Insurance and indemnification: Harbourfront Centre recommends that the Vendor, at his/her own expense, take out and maintain comprehensive property damage, public liability and theft and loss coverage or other insurance as necessary. Harbourfront will not be liable for any damage or theft of inventory.

    The Vendor, his/her employees, servants and agents agree to indemnify and hold harmless Harbourfront Centre, its employees, servants and agents from any and all rights, demands, claims, causes of action, damages, costs and expenses and any other liabilities whatsoever arising out of or in connection with its use of the designated premises. Harbourfront Centre shall not be responsible for theft, damage due to water, fire or any other damages to the Vendors’ equipment or stock or loss of property belonging to the Vendor.
  11. Security will be provided overnight in the Lakeview Market by Harbourfront Centre, beginning at the official closing time of the Market, through to the designated opening hour of the following day. Harbourfront Centre will not be responsible for any losses or damages.
  12. Please ensure that garbage is deposited in trash cans and not left on the ground or in and around the booth. Cardboard boxes must be broken down.

Harbourfront Centre reserves the right to change, cancel or add any rule or rules at any time for any reason whatsoever, and to move, relocate, suspend operating privileges or immediately terminate this agreement without prior notification to Vendor.

Harbourfront Centre reserves the right to evict anyone violating any of the outlined rules and regulations.

FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH HARBOURFRONT CENTRE RULES AND REGULATIONS MAY RESULT IN: a written warning; and/or loss of booth(s). Loss of booth(s) will result in all monies being forfeited. All decisions made by Harbourfront Centre are final. Vendors will not be allowed on the Harbourfront Centre premises until all fines have been paid.

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