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Vendor Opportunities

Food Trucks
Rules and Regulations 2020

Application Process

  1. Vendor must submit the completed application package including all required additional documentation.
  2. Upon revision of your application, and if requested by the Vendor Coordinator, vendors will go through a Taste Testing. Specific dates and times will be determined once your application is reviewed.
  3. All vendors will receive formal notification as to acceptance status in writing by email address and/or mailing address specified by the applicant.

Acceptance Criteria

  1. Your application package will be reviewed for the quality, uniqueness and salability of your product(s) and overall balance of the category your product(s) falls into.
  2. Vendors are accepted based on the menu proposed on the application form and may only sell the approved items detailed in the form.
  3. Taste testing must be passed.
  4. Food Vendors shall uphold the Health and Safety Standards as outlined by the City of Toronto and Department of Public Health.
  5. All vendors must have their Food Handler’s Certificate, and proof of their Certificate of Business Registration.
  6. All Food Trucks must have a valid Toronto Food Truck License which must be displayed in a conspicuous place to the general public at all times and must be presented upon request.

Rules and Regulations Governing Food Service by Community User Groups, Commercial Caterers and Restaurants

As a public facility, Harbourfront Centre is responsible for meeting the Public Health Protection regulations set out by the City of Toronto, Department of Public Health. Therefore, we expect each vendor to comply with the regulations in the transportation, preparation and service of food products intended for sale at the Harbourfront Centre site. Failure to comply may result in loss of vending privileges without refund.

Harbourfront Centre will strictly reinforce these measures and will pass through the booths, controlling temperature, food handling and transportation.

Harbourfront Centre reserves the right to close a booth and request the food vendor to leave the premises if the vendor fails to comply with Public Health regulations.

The following are operational regulations for groups/individuals preparing food and/or serving food to the public on Harbourfront Centre premises:

  • Harbourfront Centre reserves the right to refuse booth space to anyone.
  • Harbourfront Centre reserves the right to cancel the vendor agreement or to eject any vendor from the premises who is behaving in an objectionable fashion and the vendor waives any right and all claims for damages or compensation by reason of Harbourfront Centre exercising this right.
  • Harbourfront Centre summer festival attendance and participation are dependent upon weather conditions, demographics and a variety of other factors. Therefore, Harbourfront Centre cannot be held liable for a lack of success for individual vendors and/or poor food sales based on attendance or customer preferences.

Health & Safety

Harbourfront Centre will take every reasonable precaution to protect the health and safety of their employees and community in which we operate by maintaining health and safety policies, procedures and programs with the support of the Chief Executive Officer and all senior management. In addition, Harbourfront Centre will comply with the Occupational Health & Safety Act, its regulations and all other applicable legislation.

Harbourfront Centre requires that at all times vendors abide by Harbourfront Centre Health & Safety Policies and Procedures as well as the requirements of the Occupational Health & Safety Act, and its Regulations.

At the top of every season, we provide a briefing where we cover important Health & Safety information including emergency procedures as well as hazard identification and risk mitigation. In addition to this briefing, it is expected that vendors will read and abide by the following:

  1. Discrimination, Harassment and Violence Prevention Policy

    Harbourfront Centre values the diversity of its workforce, its patrons and visitors and the community in which we operate and is committed to providing an environment where individuals are treated with dignity and respect. It is the policy of Harbourfront Centre to ensure that the community is afforded a safe work and learning space free of intimidation, discrimination, harassment and violence. Harbourfront Centre will work to prevent, remedy and eliminate any such conduct in its workplace through establishing a policy and procedure and training program.

    Harbourfront Centre upholds the principles of the Ontario Human Rights Code, which prohibits discrimination and harassment based on race, ancestry, ethnic origin, place of origin, colour, age, sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, creed, citizenship, record of offences or disability. Personal harassment, while not based on one of these prohibited grounds, can be equally demeaning, intimidating or humiliating and is also covered by this policy.

    In addition, Harbourfront Centre upholds the principles of the Occupational Health and Safety Act regarding workplace harassment and violence and will work to create and maintain a workplace free from violence and harassment as required by this Act.

    Any incidents of discrimination, harassment or violence must be reported immediately to the vendor coordinator at Harbourfront Centre. For any incident of violence or potential violence, the most pressing action is for the person to remove themselves from harm or from the risk, as soon as possible. Once removed from the risk, contact Security immediately at 416 973 4885 or 416 520 8552 and/or Emergency Services at 911.

    We do not tolerate discrimination, harassment and/or violence of any kind, and we reserve the right to remove a vendor if their conduct is not in accordance with Harbourfront Centre policies and procedures.

    For additional information, please reference HFC002 Workplace Discrimination, Harassment & Violence Prevention Policy, available from the Vendor Coordinator.

  2. Emergency Procedures

    Prior to starting your shift, please familiarize yourself with the area to locate your nearest emergency exit, emergency equipment and security desk.

    In the event of an evacuation, we have three designated assembly points: Stage in the Round, Ontario Square and the south-side of Queens Quay Terminal. Depending on where you exit the building, please head directly to the nearest assembly point. Ensure that you check in with the Vendor Coordinator.

    1. Fire

    2. In the event of a fire, proceed via the nearest safe stairwell or exit to the recommended assembly area. Check in with the Vendor Coordinator.

      In the event that you encounter fire, notify any person in the vicinity, leave the room or area and activate the nearest manual pull station. Proceed via the nearest safe stairwell or exit to the recommended assembly area. Check in with the Vendor Coordinator.

    3. Inclement Weather

    4. In the event of a severe weather alert and the site has to be evacuated, you need to seek shelter in a permanent building. Do not seek shelter in a tent as this is not a permanent structure. It is the responsibility of the vendor to check whether inclement weather will affect their commute to and from Harbourfront Centre. If it is unsafe to travel, please contact the Vendor Coordinator.

    5. First Aid/Medical

    6. Report all first aid and medical incidents to Security immediately at 416 973 4885 or 416 520 8552. Please note, that First Aid can only be provided by trained personnel.

  3. Reporting Hazards

    All health and safety hazards must be reported immediately to the Vendor Coordinator. Commonly encountered hazards may include, but are not limited to:

    • Slippery surfaces
    • Temperature and weather
    • Excessive noise
    • Material handling
    • Chemical exposure
    • Stress/bullying
    • Machinery operating unsafely in the vicinity
    • Ventilation

  4. Cold Stress/Heat Stress

    Applies to vendors that may have to work outdoors during the summer or winter months.

    Cold Stress: When the body is unable to warm itself, serious cold-related illnesses may occur, leading to permanent tissue damage and even death.

    Heat Stress: Heat stress causes the body's core temperature to rise. A series of disorders can develop, ranging from discomfort and pain (heat rash and heat cramps) to life-threatening conditions (heat exhaustion and heat stroke).

    Vendors are expected to:

    • Wear required personal protective equipment
    • Take adequate breaks
    • Report all incidents of cold stress and heat stress to the Vendor Coordinator
    • Report any medical conditions that may increase risks of working in cold and hot weather
    • Monitor the temperature

    The Vendor Coordinator will determine if risk of working in cold and/or hot weather is too high.

  5. Slips, Trips and Falls

    Harbourfront Centre is committed to reducing or eliminating the risk of injury from slips, trips and falls in the workplace. Harbourfront Centre will take appropriate and reasonable measures to manage its activities and minimize conditions that may cause an individual to slip, trip or fall.

    Harbourfront Centre expects that all vendors:

    • Wear footwear appropriate in the circumstances
    • Avoid practices and personal behaviours that may cause slips, trips or falls
    • Report all incidents of slips, trips or falls to the Vendor Coordinator whether or not an injury has occurred

  6. Electrical Supply

    • Vendors will not be permitted to use any electrical equipment which is deemed faulty or unsafe. This includes equipment with frayed or improperly repaired wires.
    • Harbourfront Centre staff will inspect all equipment upon arrival to site.
    • Vendors are not permitted to use their own electrical power bars.

Temporary Health Permit

You will be required to complete an Application for Special Event Temporary Food Establishment Permit from Toronto Public Health, available here.

At least one (1) person involved in preparation and selling of food to the public must have a Food Handler Certificate given by Toronto Public Health.

Food Trucks must be available to receive and pass a Health Inspector visit at any time.

Food Handling

  1. Food must be transported, handled and presented in a clean, well maintained environment with food handlers wearing clean outer garments and maintaining a neat, tidy appearance. Hat or hairnet is mandatory for all food handlers.
  2. Food handlers must follow good personal hygiene practices by washing hands appropriately and as often as required.
  3. Food is to be prepared and served on a washable table surface. Use separate work tables or surfaces for the preparation of raw food and ready-to-eat food, to prevent cross-contamination.
  4. Glove use is not recommended unless the food handler has a minor cut or burn. GLOVES ARE FOR SINGLE-USE ONLY AND YOU MUST USE NEW GLOVES WHEN YOU ARE CHANGING PROCESSES (i.e. handling raw food to ready-to-eat food).
  5. Only personnel directly involved with food preparation and service or maintenance staff form Harbourfront Centre are permitted inside the Food Truck. No minors are allowed.
  6. Hot food must be kept at temperatures of 60ºC (140ºF) or over. Cold food must be kept at temperatures of 4ºC (40ºF) or under. Perishable food must be stored in mechanical refrigerators, coolers, or other acceptable means.
  7. Food must be protected from contamination by shields (i.e. plastic covers), containers, or other means (i.e. aluminum foil) if maintained and replaced as necessary.
  8. Garbage must be regularly cleared from immediate serving area and placed in containers provided. At end of day, all food must be cleared away and properly stored off premises; all utensils must be washed; and all equipment left in a clean orderly manner.
  9. Prepared food may not be kept on the ground in boxes or containers.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

  1. All surfaces are to be cleaned after use with single-use paper towels and a sanitizing spray rinse. The following bleach and water mixture can be used: 5 ml/1 teaspoon of household bleach mixed with 1 litre/4 cups of water.
  2. This solution should be placed in a labeled spray bottle.
  3. Spray all surfaces with the bleach sanitizer after they have been cleaned.
  4. Allow the bleach mixture to sit on surfaces for at least 45 seconds, before wiping. Do not rinse surfaces after sanitizing. This concentration of sanitizer will not harm food or individuals consuming the food.
  5. All food must be an approved source and prepared in approved food premises such as restaurants, community hall kitchens, church hall kitchens or the Food Truck. You cannot serve food that is prepared at home. Only single-service items (i.e. paper plates and cups) are allowed for serving the customers.

Food Protection Requirements

  1. Ready-to-eat and raw food must be protected from contamination and proper temperatures must be maintained.
  2. Condiment containers are required to have self-closing lids and separate dispensing utensils.
  3. A probe thermometer is required to check the internal temperatures of hazardous food. Harbourfront Centre staff will check the temperatures of your food throughout the weekend.
  4. A thermometer is required to be stored in all cold holding units. This includes mechanical refrigeration and coolers.
  5. All food must be protected from contamination at the event (i.e. covered and off the floor at least 15 cm/6 in.).
  6. Heat lamps are not allowed.

Equipment – Food Truck

  1. Harbourfront Centre will provide power for Food Trucks. Availability is two 30 amp outlets and one 50 amps. Vendors are NOT allowed to use generators.
  2. Each Food Truck must be in perfect working condition and have clean running water.
  3. Each Food Truck must have a menu for listing items with prices.
  4. Vendors are responsible for any tables or furniture required for cutlery, sauces and spices outside their Food Truck. Condiment and sauce containers must have lids or the table must be covered as per Public Health Regulations.

Food Vending Booths/Area/Parking

  1. Vendors are not allowed to sell food or drinks in Styrofoam containers. Failure to do so will cause the closure of your booth.
  2. Vendors are required to be escorted by security personnel while accessing and exiting Harbourfront Centre premises. Cars moving without security escort will be fined.
  3. All Food Truck Vendors are required to maintain a clean and neat designated site and to adhere to the following requirements:
    1. Take precautionary measures to ensure no stains, garbage or other unwanted pollutants negatively affect the area.
    2. All grey water and oil must be disposed of following municipal environmental standards and legislation and outside Harbourfront Centre premises.
    3. Wrappers or items that could be scattered by wind gusts must be secured.
  4. Harbourfront Centre will provide:
    1. Place mats underneath vending units to protect the area from grease and other pollutants
    2. Garbage and recycling receptacles
    3. Stanchions
  5. At completion of operations, the designated site must be returned to its original state.

Truck Operation and Conduct

  1. Food Vendors are not permitted to smoke within 5 meters of the food vending unit.
  2. Food vendors are not permitted to leave the food vending unit unattended during operation.
  3. Harbourfront Centre reserves the right to intervene in terms of facility use and public safety.
  4. Interference with Performances: Vendors are asked to respect ongoing performances at Harbourfront Centre. No audio or video devices are allowed in the Food Trucks (portable stereos, radios, CD or DVD players, etc.).
  5. Balloting, give-aways, raffles or any form of contests or prizes are not permitted. No collection of information from any of our patrons is allowed on-site.
  6. Hours of Operation: Vendors must keep their Food Trucks open and staffed for the entire duration of the operating hours. Food Trucks operate rain or shine. Vendors must be in attendance and Food Trucks must remain open during the designated hours. Vendors must be ready for business at the designated start time and close promptly at the designated close time. Hours of operation will be strictly enforced. Not complying with these hours of operation may cause closing and/or cancellation of your with no reimbursement.
  7. Closing Early due to Weather: If weather conditions call for potentially closing the Food Trucks, the decision to open or to close it will be made with the Vendor Coordinator together with all Vendors on-site. The decision will be made by majority consensus. Said decision must be followed by ALL vendors on-site.
  8. Product Sales: Food Truck vendors may only sell menu items that have been agreed upon in advance by Harbourfront Centre. The Vendor must provide the products that were approved in the application form and can make no changes or additions. Harbourfront Centre will require vendors to remove items that have not been approved. If the Vendor needs to change the menu from the original application, these new items must approved by Harbourfront Centre at least one month in advance, before they are displayed to the public.
  9. Please note that Harbourfront Centre reserves the right to have exclusivity in certain products and brands depending on sponsorship negotiations. This may change or be implemented at any moment and vendors must comply with Harbourfront Centre’s request.

Promotion and Signage

  1. The Food Truck Vendor shall not place on or in a public place any advertisement, legend, message or sign of any kind.
  2. Menu signs must look clean and professional.
  3. Signs/equipment which include product logos are subject to approval by Harbourfront Centre to ensure they are in keeping with Harbourfront Centre’s exclusive sponsorship agreements.
  4. Hanging a flag of any kind is not permitted.
  5. Signs that could be scattered by wind gusts must be secured.

Indigenous Beverage Policy

Indigenous beverages include only freshly prepared, unpacked, non-alcoholic beverages, that are part of a specific community and therefore are part of the menu offered by the vendor. Traditional or indigenous beverages that are bottled and/or imported are not allowed to be sold on-site. Examples of these beverages are: Mango Lassi, Sorrel, Sour Sop Juice.

  1. Vendors interested in selling beverages must include the list in their application form. Only beverages that are included in the application and that are approved by the Vendor Team will be allowed to be sold on-site.
  2. Once the application is submitted, the Vendor Coordinator will approve or reject the proposed beverage.


  1. Vendors are responsible for their own insurance; this is mandatory.
  2. Harbourfront Centre is not responsible and/or liable in any way for any claim by a third party made on them for their fault or deemed negligence. Harbourfront Centre will not be liable for any damage or theft of inventory.
  3. Each vendor is required to have proof of a Certificate of Insurance that includes the following:
    • Commercial General Liability Insurance with a minimum of $2,000,000 in coverage.
    • Products and Completed Operations, Tenants Legal Liability and cross liability should be included in the General Liability.
    • Please ensure that Harbourfront Centre is listed as “additional insured Harbourfront Corporation (1990).”

Damage Deposit

  1. A $300.00 refundable Damage Deposit fee is required. This fee will be refunded once your contract ends. This fee is not included in the weekend total price. In case there are damages on the Designated Site or the Vendor causes damages to Harbourfront Centre Property the Damage Deposit will be used to pay for repairs. If the repairs cost are over $300, the Vendor will be responsible for the remaining balance.

Vendor Agreement

  1. Harbourfront Centre reserves the right to refuse Food Truck space to anyone. Harbourfront Centre reserves the right to cancel the Vendor Agreement or to eject any vendor from the premises who is behaving in an objectionable manner and the Vendor waives any right and all claims for damages or compensation by reason of Harbourfront Centre exercising this right.
  2. Food Truck Permissions: Only vendors in possession of a valid, signed contract from Harbourfront Centre may occupy an on-site space.
  3. Harbourfront Centre assumes no responsibility for sales, inclement weather, or guarantees of attendance.

Cancellation Policy

  1. If the contract is cancelled by the Vendor due to any circumstance between May 18 and May 27, 2020, Harbourfront Centre will refund the funds paid to date.
  2. If the contract is cancelled by the Vendor after May 28, 2020, vendor forfeits all monies paid.
  3. If the contract is cancelled by Harbourfront Centre, vendor forfeits all monies paid.
  4. Harbourfront Centre reserves the right to evict anyone violating any of the outlined rules of this application.

Harbourfront Centre reserves the right to change, cancel or add any rule or rules at any time for any reasons whatsoever, and to move, relocate, suspend operating privileges or immediately terminate this agreement without prior notification to Vendor.

Harbourfront Centre reserves the right to evict anyone violating any of the outlined Rules and Regulations.

FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH HARBOURFRONT CENTRE RULES AND REGULATIONS MAY RESULT IN: : a written warning; and/or loss of Designated Site(s). Loss of Designated Site(s) will result in all monies being forfeited. All decisions made by Harbourfront Centre are final. Vendors will not be allowed on the Harbourfront Centre premises until all fines have been paid.

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