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Wireless Toronto

Free wireless internet connection available on-site at Harbourfront Centre.

Wireless Toronto

Bring your laptop or other devices and get connected! In partnership with Wireless Toronto, our Bill Boyle Artport is now equipped with a free wireless network.

Wireless Toronto is a not-for-profit community group dedicated to bringing no-fee wireless Internet access to public and publicly-accessible spaces in Toronto. Our aim is to encourage the growth of wireless networking and to build community in interesting and innovative ways.

So it's free? How does that work?

The costs for the Internet connections and wireless equipment are paid for by the hotspot venues or sponsors. There's no cost to users who want to use the network, and there are no ads on our community pages.

What do I need to get online?

To use the Wireless Toronto network, you need any Wi-Fi-enabled laptop or device, and you need to be at our York Quay Centre venue.

What is the SSID (network name) for the Wireless Toronto hotspots?

All Wireless Toronto hotspots use the SSID wirelesstoronto.

Are wireless connections secure?

Not really. If you're sending or receiving any data that you'd prefer others not see, you should use secure (encrypted) methods. Email and web sessions are particularly at risk, especially passwords. If your email account supports it, you should use a secure (HTTPS) web login, or secure (POP-S or IMAPS and SMTP/TLS) email client login.

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