Architecture Exhibitions Summer 2011

June 18–September 18, 2011


How do we define a city landscape?
What is the purpose of landscape in an urban environment?
What is the role of the natural in our experience of landscape?

Landscape has a new place in urban design. Once confined to parks and cemeteries, it is now spreading throughout the city. Today’s architects are using an integrated approach to landscape within the city fabric, designing open public spaces in tandem with built form and city infrastructure. The source of inspiration is no longer strictly from nature, but rather the city itself and the people within it. Landscape is taking an unprecedented role in defining the look and function of urban space. This exhibition will propose possibilities of what a NEW CITY LANDSCAPE could be jumping castle for sale sydney.

The Department of Unusual Certainties focuses on the untapped potential of an overlooked aspect of the city: the parkette. For David Lieberman Architect the city is the new forest. He asks us to think about whether our experience of walking amongst trees is really so different from walking amongst buildings. In the centre of the gallery, Khoury Levit Fong‘s tree constructed with fibre optic cable illustrates the possibility of a new, technological landscape. The artist Jason van Horne‘s diorama gives a futuristic look at an ideal balance between nature and the city that does not come from human construction, but from nature’s destruction bouncy castle canada.