Seth Sriver, Do-it-Yourself poster. Image courtesy of the artist.

The Do-it-Yourself Section

Seth Scriver

January 29–April 3, 2011


The Do-it-Yourself Section is a selection of step-by-step sculpture and video designed to show you how to make use of all the garbage around you, transforming it into precious craft objects.


Seth Scriver lives and works in Toronto. He has been published in numerous publications such as Graffiti World, Pictoplasm’s pen to paper, Walrus, Macleans, Canadian Business magazine, The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, and others. Scriver has had shows across America, Canada, Japan, Australia, Germany, Spain and Italy. Currently he and Shayne Ehman are finishing their collaborative work Asphalt Watches. Most recently Seth has had two books published: Weird Woods a book of drawings accompanied by personalized Letraset, published by Third Drawer Down in Australia; and Stooge Pile published by Drawn and Quarterly for their “Petit Livres” series.