Installation view of BREATHTAKING: Constructed Landscapes. Harbourfront Centre. Photography: Tom Bilenkey.

Architecture at Harbourfront Centre

June 22–September 8, 2013


The objective of Architecture at Harbourfront Centre is to present exhibitions which will educate, challenge and question the thoughts and the ideas informing contemporary architecture.

The architecture gallery is a multi-functional space which presents exhibitions, acts as a classroom, and also functions as a meeting space for the discussion of issues relating to architecture.

Harbourfront Centre thanks our Architecture Advisory Committee for its assistance:
Maria Denegri, Joey Giaimo, Valerie Gow, Margaret Graham, John Ota, and Tim Scott.


Thank you to our founding partners: Core Architects Inc., Diamond Schmitt Architects Incorporated, DTAH and DTAH Architects Limited, Jerome Markson Architect Inc., Kohn Shnier Architects, Steven Kirshenblatt, and Zeidler Partner Architects.


The architecture gallery is made possible by the generous support of our corporate partners and individual donors. To help support our Architecture exhibition programme, please call us at 416-952-4746 or you can donate online at